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transforms you into a High Performer with a stream of energy, laser focus, and productive execution...

So you can reach ambitious work goals and have free time for your family, fitness and fun… every single day.  

Hey, I get you. Most probably, all of these feel too close to home:

You feel stressed by all the work demands; Unsure of what is your most important priority to focus on at any given time.

You feel anxious about uncertainties and meeting those big targets.

You feel like you’ve put in all these hours but don’t have the expected results to show for it.

You feel like no matter how much you achieve, it just never feels good enough. 

You wake up feeling tired; And need to drink cup after cup of coffee to keep yourself awake and alert.

You find yourself constantly distracted by emails, notifications, or other activities that prevent you from finishing tasks.

You simply wish you could achieve more in the hours you have without having to find more time by sacrificing your sleep and missing moments with your loved ones.

You are working on BIG things; And would like to “knock the ball out of the park” so that you can open doors to even bigger and better opportunities.

If you have you have tried everything, but nothing seems to be helping.   


All these peak performance, productivity, and self-improvement habit-building “tips & tricks” never stick for long. 


Seems like no matter what you do, you always fall back.


No wonder you find yourself THIS close to losing your cool when someone tells you that the secret to great success is “to wake up at 5 AM” or “hustle” every waking hour.


BUT you also know something has to change now. 


Because you have seen one or more of these signs: hair loss, excessive weight loss or weight gain, skin acting weird, neck pain, teeth grinding, high cortisol, and sleep disturbances, just to name a few.


You know if you continue this way, it is not sustainable. You are on a one-way road trip to burnout, or worse – 


An earth-shattering, heart-sinking note from your doctor. 


You already know that chronic stress, high cortisol and sleep deprivation heighten the risks of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. Any one of these conditions could INSTANTLY shatter all your aspirations and dreams in split seconds. 


If you are looking for a health-improving path to FINALLY break free from being fatigued, scattered, distracted, and highly stressed once and for all…


And you want to feel energized, focused and fired up to reach all those ambitious goals instead...


All that while still enjoying quality time with your family, maintaining a robust fitness routine, and getting 7-9 hours of sleep every night…

Then I’ve got a proven, brain science-based path forward for you.


(And no, it’s not another “impossible-to-maintain” time management, peak performance or productivity habit.)

Hi, I'm Portia Asli, a Brain Performance Optimization Coach, licensed Environmental Health Engineer, Cambridge University MBA, and Seasoned Entrepreneur…

... but most important of all:


The Creator of “Unfair Advantage” at Optimyzed Brain.


Some people find it weird, but I've spent more than 19,000 hours in the field of brain optimization so far.


Over the last 15 years, I spoke on podcasts, delivered academic lectures at the University of Toronto, and provided trainings for organizations worldwide like WeWork, OneEleven, Chambers of Commerce, Entrepreneurship Centers, etc.


What I found fascinating about brain optimization from teaching 1000s & coaching 100s of ambitious & driven clients is that its impact can't be put in one sentence —


I've had clients who:


→ boosted their focus by 4x-6x,

→ reduced stress by more than 50% (even eliminated chronic work stress),

→ improved their sleep by 30% to 70% and got to that quality 7-9 hours each night,

→ eliminated burnout while reaching moonshot targets, and

→ gained 25-37 hours per week.


All these people were regular human beings with their own hectic lives — balancing young kids, busy jobs, growing a tech startup, several Board positions, managing investments, writing a book, traveling internationally, running side hustles, and more. 

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Suffice to say, I’m not the type to provide you with a “band-aid” productivity, time management or peak performance solution. 

Instead, as your Brain Performance Optimization Coach, I am about helping you address the root cause of your mental exhaustion, distractions, fatigue, low energy, and (work-related) chronic stress. 

Let’s be clear: this is NOT medical advice or meant to replace medical advice.


Rather I’m here to fill the support gap you need by helping you make brain science-informed lifestyle, environmental, workstyle and nutritional upgrades. 

So that you experience long-term well-being and a new level of mental agility, clarity, energy and focus. 


And it’s NOT a replacement for therapy or treating mental health issues from past experiences.


Rather, I’m here to enhance and strengthen your mental performance to achieve future goals. 

Specifically, I help improve your focus, concentration, decision-making and problem-solving speed, ways to get more done in less time, and produce exceptional, high-quality outputs. 

So that you have unmatched productivity, effective & efficient time management and unheard-of performance to make those ambitious goals a reality at a groundbreaking speed.

And today, I am going to share how you can have that within 6 weeks by optimizing your brain.
But first, let's start by addressing an obvious question:

track running_edited.jpg

Why can't most ambitious and driven people sustain a consistent high performance (And why do they crash after experiencing “peak” performance)? 


Let’s cover this first: “Peak” performance is for Pro Athletes and Pro Athletes alone.

They absolutely need their body to perform at peak levels to win very tight races (which is often by milliseconds). And then, immediately after, they go into intense recovery mode. 

They live a very specific workstyle and lifestyle – designed by their coaches – to have this peak performance. Because for them? It’s a momentary effort. And their bodies absolutely have to deliver 110% in that one moment. 

(That doesn’t mean we can’t learn from Pro Athletes or borrow some of their transferrable strategies.) 

You, on the other hand, use your brain every single day to make impactful decisions, solve complex problems, design life-changing solutions, negotiate win-win deals, build long-term partnerships, recognize patterns from data, and manage time and people. 

It’s not a momentary effort. It’s a daily effort.

These brain-based skills are what you use every single day, whether running your business or working at a corporation. It’s what makes you reach those year-end targets to succeed professionally and unlock the next level. 

In the beginning, you do everything you can to achieve – 

But at some point, age catches up with you. You realize that things have to change because your brain (and body) can’t live like this anymore. 

That you need a better workstyle and lifestyle. Just like Pro Atheltes, but different – one that is sustainable so that you can maintain daily for a Consistent High Performance.  

The kind that gives you an “Unfair Advantage” throughout your life, starting with: 

» Having more time for what matters: family, fun, fitness… (AKA “work-life balance”). Many are taught very early on that to achieve success is to work hard and long. Hustle every waking hour you have, which only means this comes at the cost of finding more time by depriving yourself of sleep or time with loved ones. 


But it comes to the point that these costs significantly outweigh more than the external successes you’ve achieved. Because the truth is, at one point, you feel…empty. 


Which leaves you wondering how do you have the work success AND the joyful impact that fulfills you AND the time for…strong relationships that withstand the test of time? …building an unshakeable bond with your children?... an active lifestyle, pursuing fitness or sports you love regularly?... travelling and exploring the wonders of the world? 

Aren’t all of these things the very things that DO contribute to a better quality of life, health and well-being?  


Lean in…let me share with you the secrets:  


» Delivering QUALITY work in LESS time. (AKA “productive”) Many people think this is the way to achieve more: multi-tasking and context-switching to get everything done. However, brain science tells us otherwise. 


In fact, context switching has been shown to lower IQ and decrease cognitive functions and emotional control. And that is why they lose more time and don’t have the expected results to show for all that effort.


Rather, it's being able to concentrate on one brain-intensive task at a time for a substantial period to produce an outcome (also known as “deep work"). This substantial period lasts at least 90 minutes to 3 hours with zero distractions. This is key to getting results from your time. 


But how do you get your distracted brain to go from a 10-15 minute concentration span to holding it for 90 minutes, let alone 3 hours?…especially when you’ve been dealing with a lack of focus for a very long time?  


» Being able to focus on the RIGHT priority (AKA work “stress management”).  So many people are taught that in order to succeed, it’s by taking on every opportunity that comes their way. Or wearing every hat they could possibly wear. It looks great on the outside. Which is why so many driven and ambitious people get overworked, overwhelmed and burned out. 


But when you are in a demanding role, how do you know what to say “yes” to and, equally important, what to say “no” to (without guilt)? Which tasks to prioritize amongst all the things that scream important, urgent, emergency and high priority... when you have a never-ending list of tasks to complete and ambitious targets over your head? 


To save you from so much wasted time and energy? 

» Getting the HIGH QUALITY sleep every single night.  Because how sharp, alert, focused and concentrated you are the next day is directly related to your sleep quantity AND quality. 


However, most people skip this to achieve success because they just don’t have the time for it. Yet skipping sleep means dealing with the serious health consequences in their 50s and beyond. And for some, if they do try to get 7 to 9 hours of sleep…they still feel tired, sluggish and foggy-headed. 

Yes - you DO know you need to prioritize sleep. But how do you even make the time when you are in such a demanding role with people counting on you? 

And if you’ve been struggling with proper sleep for many years…how do you fall asleep in less than 15 minutes when it takes you a long time to fall asleep? …how do you stay asleep when you wake up so many times in the middle of the night? …how do you wake up feeling refreshed, full of energy, alert and clearheaded? 

To do all of this…without depending on a single sleeping aid or supplement?

» Having continuous energy through the day (AKA “no mid-day or evening crash”). Many people claim to follow a “healthy diet” and stay on top of taking vitamins and even additional supplements. Yet they feel low in energy, have constant cravings, and are even moody, anxious and distracted. 


They have a lull period during the day where no work gets done. 

And when they want to do more after work (like fitness), they just don’t have the energy to. It’s not because they don’t have willpower or motivation. In fact, it has nothing to do with that. It’s because their brains aren’t getting the right type of nutrients to sustain them with energy throughout the day. Instead, it gets too much of “toxins” that degrade their brain power, making them more sluggish or lethargic. Brain science has shown that certain "hidden" ingredients (even in claimed "healthy" foods and snacks) make you more anxious, easily distracted and stressed. 

So, how do you upgrade your brain from tired, low energy, moody and distracted to experiencing continuous energy throughout the day? 


Not another restrictive diet, but an easy- to-integrate nutrition that works specifically for you? One that even ends constant cravings and snackings to make you feel satiated for 3+ hours? To give you a boost of energy without the jitters and crash? 

Because you know, a nutrition path that could work for you would even transform your body without calorie counting or “yo-yo-ing."  

» Finally BEING calm, happy and confident (AKA “Bye-Bye Stress, Imposter and Anxiety!”). Conventional advice tells us to do talk therapy or meditation. Yes, these are proven to work, especially when you invest substantial time in finding the right therapist and practicing meditation for a long time. 

But what do you do when sitting still to meditate isn’t exactly for you? And you need tools to immediately apply for consistent high performance that goes beyond emotions and feelings in talk therapy?


Such as when you are under pressure and need to transform your emotional state to deliver results now. When you are in a new role and need to claim your authority with real confidence (NOT fake-it-till-you-make-it) to deliver results pronto? When unforeseen events happen (which they often do), you must stay cool, calm, and collected to find the right solution quickly. 

» Achieving those ambitious “once seen as impossible” goals. Popular wisdom would tell you that it’s luck or chance or lots of hard work to get there. (Sure, they may work, but do you really have the time to leave it to that? Considering there is A LOT you want to do and achieve in this lifetime.) 


The good news is that brain science tells us otherwise. Your brain is a goal-striving mechanism; with the right method, it can be propelled towards reaching any target most effectively and efficiently. But when you have some big goals to achieve, you need to solve problems well and fast. So how do you do that?


How do you make decisions when there’s too much noise or too little data? What to do when you feel mentally stuck and can’t see how to move forward? What is scientifically proven to work that you can immediately apply to find solutions to achieve ambitious goals…without wasting weeks and months?  

As you can see, there are A LOT of moving pieces, and takes A LOT of time to figure it out on your own. That’s why most driven and ambitious people never get to experience a consistent high performance that’s sustainable.

Unfortunately these aren’t something most productivity or time management coaches can help you with because they don’t have the specialized knowledge or the experience. 

Because as long as you have the same lifestyle, nutrition, work habits and sleep are stuck in exhaustion, distractions, fatigue, and a stressed state.

No matter which productivity hack or time management hack you do, it will never stick. And you will always feel like any goal you want to achieve is like climbing a mountain with a boulder over your shoulders. 

(that you’ll need to put in MORE time and keep sacrificing the things that are important for your health, like family, fitness, sleep and fun)

"Got it, Portia. So, how do I optimize my brain for a sustainable, consistent high performance?"

Glad you asked! 

Let me introduce you to … 


My one-on-one 6-step 6-week bootcamp with customized-for-you private coaching at every step. 

To be very clear: Unfair Advantage isn’t a course or a mass group program. 


Sure, there’s a time and space for those. But not when you want to optimize your brain for better health and performance. More specifically, focus, energy, productivity, efficiency and concentration – that works for your unique circumstances. 

Unfair Advantage is a proven, holistic (brain-science-based) bootcamp with a structured step-by-step implementation and personalized support system: 

1) Learn the key science-based lifestyle, nutritional, workstyle and environmental upgrades to optimize your brain for Consistent High Performance. These aren’t hour-long lectures that “sound interesting” but leave you confused about what to do. These are a series of “bite-sized” video lessons, anywhere between 5 to 20 min, that are straight to the point - no B.S., no fluff – and give you clear actions to implement immediately today to get results.


Think of these lessons as consulting sessions with me – you are taught what to do, why to do that, when to do that, and how to do that. As one client, who’s done other programs, attested, “They are F****ing sensational! They are full of illuminating and electric information. You’ve pulled it all together in such an interesting way – unlike anything I’ve ever done.”

2) Immediate breakthroughs via “workshop-like” Guided Sessions. You already know that you learn best through hands-on experiences. So, to help you get results ON THE SPOT, think of these sessions as a workshop (these are typically between 15 to 30 minutes) where you are guided via a specific method to help you have many “Aha!”. 


Even better, these Guided Sessions are pre-recorded, so you can use them as often as you like on your own time. These are designed to help you get clarity in advance so that your one-on-one coaching can be even more in-depth and hyper-focused.

3) Evidence-based results through daily implementations. That’s why this Bootcamp is nothing but helping you get results. Meaning each week, you implement a set of actions and incorporate them into your day, to see tangible results right away. Added up over time, this is how you’ll start seeing transformation. 


Plus, you’ll get to literally SEE how far you’ve come through Self-Assessments. You’ll be invited to do a self-assessment once at the beginning of the bootcamp to lay out the baseline. And, of course, at the end to measure your progress. Which will go into a bonus report that you'll get at the end of the Bootcamp. 

But we don’t stop there, though. Because so much growth happens EACH week! So, to ensure we capture all the gains, you’ll do progress self-assessments at the end of each week. When you see your report, you'll be speechless (maybe even shed some happy tears) …by how far you’ve come, how quickly you've come. 

And you're not alone. 

I’m there for you every single step of the way.

Meet your private support and accountability system.

I’ll give you personalized feedback as you implement. I will personally review the changes you've made and provide feedback on where to improve and what you are doing well Because feedback is GOLD for getting 100x results.
I’ll support you and keep you accountable throughout the 6 weeks. You have private access to me in a secure online platform. Each week has its own thread that only you and I can see and interact under. You can ask any questions under that week’s thread as you go through the bootcamp. I'll be there every step of the way, answering your questions, supporting, cheering, and keeping you accountable.  

And, of course, where even more magic happens: personalized one-on-one coaching sessions each week. These aren’t me sitting on a pedestal acting high and mighty. Instead, I’m IN THE TRENCHES with you. Here's how it looks like:

I come prepared for each of these sessions by analyzing your situation and identifying the key area that is keeping you blocked. So, in a very intensive, hyper-focused 30-minute deep dive, I help you address the blocks you have. And how to make immediate improvements. So in less than 30 minutes, what would have taken you months to solve, you walk away with a clear, step-by-step solution. We do this each week for a total of 6 times.

But hey, don't just hear it from me. My clients in executive positions who have worked with other coaches before me have regularly said, “These one-on-ones are worth the admission price alone.” 

Don’t believe me? 

Let me tell you how a very skeptical-at-first leader, who then became a client, publicly published a 3-page long article about her Unfair Advantage experience on LinkedIn: 


“My time during the week would be sucked up by emails, I would wake feeling tired, and my work days would extend to 10 hours, 12 hours, yet it didn’t seem to help. My to-do’s seemed to be getting longer rather than shorter. 

I felt like I was missing my edge... 

This ultimately was why I decided to join.

I’ve joined courses and coaching before that haven’t delivered, leaving me feeling like I’ve wasted not only money but, more importantly, time. 

But I can honestly say I don’t think I have ever: a) come across a truly actionable program like it, or b) felt like it was 100% worth my time, effort, and money as much as I have with this Bootcamp. 

It was the busiest I’d ever been, yet taking the time for this was so incredibly worth it, and has continued to consistently pay off” 

~ Emily Craven, CEO, Story City

A good coaching program might be able to teach brain science-based performance tools, but only a great one can make implementation easily work for your needs      


And that’s the reason why my clients get unprecedented results at an unheard-of speed. Because what we do is not theory – we focus on execution


That means as long as you’re coachable and willing to do the work each week you should achieve tangible goals likely in this order: 


Week 1- reduce your work-related stress and load by at least 30% so that you gain sharp clarity and focus to move forward faster, each day, toward your target confidently by doing the right work. 


Week 2- improve your mental focus and concentration by at least 4x, so that you get more work done in less time, leaving you time and space for additional things that are really important to you.    


Week 3- reduce the intensity of work-related stress, anxiety and imposter feelings by at least 50% so you can experience more calmness, confidence and happiness each day.  


Week 4- improve your sleep quantity and quality by at least 30% without using any sleeping aid. 


Week 5 - improve your performance effectiveness and efficiency so you get back at least 2 hours per day, every day, moving forward.

Week 6- make confident and clear decisions at speed without doubt or second-guessing, so you move forward faster

Yes, emphasis on at least.  


So that you get your return on your investment starting within week one alone, and everything else after is an exceptional bonus that can power your health and better wellbeing right away –  for months after, year after year. 

Macridis, AM - FV.jpg

I enhanced my performance by overcoming decision paralysis, constant distractions, and the dreaded imposter syndrome. 


I felt my brain fog clear. 

I went from being stalled to now being capable of making complex decisions with certainty and clarity. 

From feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list and easily distracted due to a concentration span of 30 minutes, I increased my concentration to 2 and 3 hours


This enabled me to double my productivity. 


The most unexpected part was whom I blossomed into throughout this process and how life-changing it was. The new me has just taken flight, and I am in love with creating the life I want to live. 


I haven’t been the same person since.

~Ann-Marie Macradis, COO, FestiVote

30 hours gained per week to invest in other areas of my life


From the outside, it looked like things were going quite well and that I had things figured out. This was far from the truth. 


I was working over 80 hours a week and always seemed to be in fire-fighting mode. 


The biggest gain has been the ability to decide what to focus on and what not to…has helped a lot with reducing stress from dealing with too much work. 


Deciding and prioritizing things to work/focus on has been a big productivity booster helping cut down work time from 80 hours a week to 50 hours 


~ Deepak Dutt, CEO, Zighra / Forbes Technology Council Member


After years of sleeping less than 6 hours most nights, I finally broke my vicious cycle and started sleeping 8 hours a night.


Being too exhausted to think clearly meant my work kept piling up while anxiety and self-blame piled on. Piled-up work meant less time to sleep. Sleep deprivation meant I was constantly in zombie mode, too tired to even recognize what “tired” felt like.

Transformations I experienced through Optimyzed Brain helped me effectively create 25% more hours each day.


I am not just making better decisions, I have greater clarity on WHICH decisions to prioritize at any given moment. I’ve identified and taken steps to minimize time wasters which have empowered me to create more time for valuable work


My concentration “span” increased from 30 minutes to 90 minutes - a three-fold increase. 


These longer periods of concentration mean I’m able to work while being fully present, without the nagging voice inside my head that doubts every decision or distracts me with all the other things I must get done. 


And for all this, I must say: Thank you, Portia, for everything!


~ Crystal Wong Kreuger, Founder, LIOHAN

If you’ve been at this for some time... 


You’ve most likely invested in other resources, coaches, courses or programs. Maybe you loved them. Maybe you didn't.


Either way, these led you here today. So now, you’re ready to transform your health to reach new heights.


What’s more, you have realized it’s far beyond learning something new.


It’s about applying because when you can do it right away, you start changing your course. And getting personalized feedback along the way so you grow even faster. 

Here’s why I've packaged Unfair Advantage at an incredible value for you: 


First, a complete, proven step-by-step process: 


Not small bits, but you get a complete picture. Unfair Advantage gives you a detailed holistic step-by-step process that covers everything you need to optimize your brain for sustainable, consistent high performance. 


You get:  

- Step 1/ Week 1: Gain Targeted Focus. Reduce Stress. Get Time Back.  

- Step 2/ Week 2: Increase Brain Power. Optimize Nutrition. Sustain Deep Concentration. 

- Step 3/ Week 3: Transform Your Emotional State. Be Confident and Happier. 

- Step 4/ Week 4: Enhance Your Sleep. Wake Up Feeling Energized.

- Step 5/ Week 5: Effective Execution. Get in Flow State. Produce High-Quality Outputs.

- Step 6/ Week 6: Make Quality Decisions at Spped. Solve Complex Problems Better and Faster

That includes: 

- to-the-point, no-bs, science-based actionable video teachings each week

- transcript of each video teaching in an easy-to-digest formatted e-book

- downloadable tracking worksheets throughout each week 

- pre-recorded hands-on guided sessions for accelerated transformative results

You get ALL of that in 6 weeks - the most efficient and effective way to get results.  

Because if I had to teach you all of that in live consulting sessions, it would take 6 to 12 months and cost you well over $18,000 (and I’m not even counting the 1-on-1 coaching that takes during implementation). But having it packaged together on an easily accessible online learning platform, brings the investment to only a small fraction of that. 

Meanwhile, you can shortcut my 15+ years of learning in just 6 weeks. And, you can apply right away to see even more consistent results. Results that transform your health and performance, now and for years to come.    

Second, evidence-based: 


It goes beyond learning. Unfair Advantage is designed to be immediately actionable. Plus, structured to measure your progress and improvements through 8 Self-Assessments: 


A self-assessment at the beginning (to set benchmarks), one at the end (to measure change), and six progress self-assessments at the end of each week (to track week-by-week growth). ​


Which the results are compiled and delivered to you in a “Mental Performance Transformation Report” after the bootcamp during our “Closing Ceremony” Call. 

Third, the personalized attention during the bootcamp:

My coaching bootcamp aren’t massive programs where I don’t even know your name or am so out of your reach. Quite the opposite, in fact. 

I cap Unfair Advantage at a handful of clients per month. Plus, I don’t work with more than a few clients at any one time. 

It does mean I get more requests than I have the capacity for.


Which also means that when I’m your coach, I’m in it 100% WITH you to: 

- see the things you cannot see
- analyze your specific situation
- identify the right course of action specifically for you
- give you structured step-by-step guidance
- hold you accountable
- push you beyond your comfort zone 
- have fun along the way 
achieve the things you once thought impossible.     

This is another big reason why my clients get the kinds of results that they do as quickly as they do. 

So to recap, here’s all the personalized support, feedback and accountability you get in Unfair Advantage:

- 6 Weeks of Private and Exclusive Online Support (Monday to Friday)
- 6 x Personalized One-on-One Coaching Sessions (30 Minutes Per Week)
- 6 Week of Review and personalized feedback on your implementations 

- A final "Closing Ceremony" Call to review your transformation report

Clients regularly hire me outside of the Unfair Advantage package, and they pay $30,000 for bespoke coaching, exclusive weekday support and personalized feedback over 6 months. But because my Unfair Advantage is designed for 6 weeks with a mix of coaching and a hybrid learning environment, it brings the investment to only a small fraction of that. 

Plus, the long-term results:


My executive clients in their 40s, 50s and 60s have routinely mentioned that they have tried on their own for 10 to 20 years or other programs and hardly seen any measurable improvements. Yet, as soon as they implemented the actions from Unfair Advantage, they got results within that very first week. And major health transformations in 6 weeks.

​What’s more, my clients have routinely told me that they have been seeing the benefits for months and years to come. And how they have even changed the lives of those around them, at work and at home.

As managers and leaders, their transformation has contributed to:

- Close 8 and 9-figure investment deals in just a few months
- Reach revenue 4x faster than projections 
- Build profitable tech businesses with just less than an 8-hour workday 
- Increase employee retention to save 30-150% in turnover costs
- Made their team burnout-proof to save 15- 20% per payroll 

As parents, they are WALKING the talk by showing their kids how focused work allows them to have more quality time and energy together. To enjoy simple daily activities. Having family breakfasts and regular family dinners. To play sports in the backyard. To have quality chats with the older kids.To make bonding memories with their little ones. 'Cause kids grow up real fast. And you can never ever buy back time with them. 

"Sounds great, Portia. But is this right for me?"


It’s for you if… 

… You know that your current habits, routine, and lifestyle are not sustainable. 
… You want a holistic science-based approach to address the root cause permanently.  
… You want a step-by-step process with personalized support. 
… You have an inner motivation and self-discipline to see powerful change. 

... You are committed to implementing over six weeks. 
… You want to become a focused, energetic, effective, efficient and productive person. 

If you are committed to seeing change, you know that you need to take a different approach to see that change, and you don’t want to waste years figuring this out… 

Then Unfair Advantage is totally for you. 

"So what’s next?" 

You apply for the program. 

I’ll review your application typically within 3 days. And then you’ll get an email invitation to join me for a short call with a few time slots to choose from. 

This call isn’t a sales call. Instead, it’s a call to get to know you better. And make sure we are the right fit for each other. 

Then if we are mutual fit, you’ll book your spot on our call. Then you'll get onboarded right away with immediate access to our clients-only platform with the full Unfair Advantage bootcamp. 

Sounds good?


The Investment 
$2K per month for 3 months (extended payment plan)  

5K pay in full (and save) 

Shall we optimize your brain for consistent high performance?

Click the button below to apply for Unfair Advantage: 

I’ve been getting more sleep (almost 8 hours every day), and I’ve seen an increase in focus. That focus helps me get through the work at hand faster, which frees up time, reduces my stress, and means more time to take care of myself…


I’ve gone from having 15-20 minutes without distractions to 90 minutes. That’s a 450-600% improvement! Reducing distractions, improving performance and productivity have given me time, which is what I needed to be able to free up time to think. 


I’ve lost 20 pounds so far. I’m more conscious about my choices, and those choices are becoming easier every day… which can lead to doing fun activities like 122km of biking in one day! 


…what a great feeling to push the boundaries of what you think you can accomplish. 


~ Steve Rainville, CEO, CYDEF / Former Associate Partner at IBM 

It’s a 180-degree transformation.


I don’t see how I could achieve those marathon goals on 4-5 hours of sleep a day, a bad diet, and no exercise. I’d been on that cycle for most of my professional career (30 years!). 


I went from needing anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to fall asleep to about 15 minutes. 


From not getting enough sleep (I did not even sleep well at all), I went to at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep per night.  


Being told your entire life you’re chronically ill, will either kill you directly or throw you into the lowest part of society with no ability and no will anymore to fight.

However, there were also other downstream impacts that were slowing down my performance: lack of direction, anxiety attacks, no sleep, no private/family time, and a constant feeling of not achieving enough.


From being exhausted after 30 min of concentrated tasks, I now can easily do 2 hours or more. And it is no more exhausting task, it is now a flow I get into. This gave me the ability to experience a 300% increase in my focus and concentration. 


With the change in my brain performance came the change in my company’s performance and the rate we achieved our targets. I am pleased to announce that within 7 months, I secured €85M funding. If I didn't work with Optimyzed Brain, I would not be at this stage.


Honestly, I don’t know nor believe in any “read this book” and you will achieve success without intensive self-training and or practicing, and receiving coaching feedback from an expert.


If you actually act and dare to optimize your brain - you can move mountains even with adversities like mine! There is no limit in what you can achieve if you use what has been given to you- your brain and your whole body- while training it and keeping it healthy!" 


~ Willem Brinkert, CEO & Co-Founder, regioHelp/BG Communications

Where I used to work 50 hours per week, starting early and finishing late, often working into the evening, I now work about 6 hours per day (30 hours per week)


I would work between 40-50 hours per week and was drained from the mental demand of wearing so many hats as a small business founder. Aside from building my small business, I am a husband and father of 5 kids... 

Prior to joining Optimyzed Brain, I would often be distracted. Sometimes it's an email, a text message, or a noise outside. Other times it was notifications from Facebook or other software systems. 

Since increasing my brain performance, I have learned how to stay focused and on task for up to 90 min straight! That’s a 500% increase in concentration. 


Before, it would take me weeks to make a decision. I couldn’t focus on what to do next, or feel good about the decisions I was making. I would consider the decision at hand, then decide, but almost always second guess the decision.


Throughout working with Optimyzed Brain, I cut down the decision-making process to within days WITHOUT second guessing myself. 


I get A LOT more done in way less time. 


Where I used to work 50 hours per week, starting early and finishing late, often working into the evening. I now work about 6 hours per day (30 hours per week)...allowing me to spend more time on daily self-care and exercise as well as having quality time with my 5 kids."  


~ Bill Verbakel, Entrepreneur

Let's answer your top questions!

"What is the difference between Unfair Advantage and doing therapy?" 


While therapy is important, it is completely different and provides different solutions than optimizing the brain. And I'm sharing this from the experience of using therapy.


Therapy is focused on past experience; you express what you're struggling with, and the therapist will ask questions to help surface inner thoughts and feelings so that you can process them. Depending on your mental health issues the practitioner with diagnose and treat them.  


Brain optimization is for enhancing and strengthening mental performance. It is about helping you improve efficiency, effectiveness, problem-solving, creativity, productivity, and decision-making. It's about how you utilize your brain at work to be effective in the time you do have and produce ground-breaking results in less time. ​


"I have tried the "Flow State" but cannot maintain or get into it by design. How can Unfair Advantage help me with that?" 


If you find that you cannot get into Flow at will or even sustain it for 2 to 3 hours, it means that certain internal blocks prevent you from getting into the Flow State. 


I have spent the last 5 years mastering the Flow State and turning it into an easy, effective process that you can now achieve. 


The good news is that within Unfair Advantage, you are guided to implement the most effective process to help you induce the Flow State – a simple step-by-step process that I have not seen elsewhere. 


It's an effective science-based process that enables you to remove your internal blocks, and within days, you get to see how easily you can get into the Flow State. The cherry on top is the incredible work you produce during that state!

"I'm not good at concentrating, let alone keeping that for more than an hour to even get into a "Flow State." How does Unfair Advantage help me change that?"


Unfair Advantage helps you make micro upgrades that break those distractive habits. You will take a holistic multidisciplinary step-by-step approach. 


After implementing each step, your concentration increases bit by bit. 


By the end of the Bootcamp you'll see how easily you can go from being constantly distracted to achieving disciplined intense focus and concentration to produce world-class results. 


Many of our clients, who are known to be high achievers, were battling with constant distraction and a concentration span of 15 minutes. By the end of the Bootcamp, they reported an increase of about 500% in concentration. 

"How much time do I need to make this work?"


You need about 2 hours each week for six weeks. But to be clear: our clients don't count hours or minutes. They come with the intention that they are willing to do what it takes and willing to invest the time. Because they know that these 6 weeks are the best investment that gives them a lifetime of dividends in quality health.  

"Can this work for me if I am a parent, have a health condition, or have many responsibilities?


Optimyzed Brain clients are as diverse as a field of flowers. Unfair Advantage was born to help ambitious and driven professionals succeed, especially those juggling many different things. I want to give you back time so you can make more time for what’s truly important. 


Unfair Advantage uses an agnostic process that can work for anyone regardless of their health condition because it focuses on things you can do within your lifestyle, nutrition and environment. 


In fact, it has especially been designed for you, and it's delivered with efficient lessons that translate cutting-edge science into immediate life-changing actions. ​


"Can I make the brain nutrition upgrades if I have dietary restrictions?"


The answer is yes. This is because all humans have fundamentally the same brain structure. There are particular things that your neurons need for survival, growth and performance. 


Through Unfair Advantage, you will know what these essential things are. The Unfair Advantage brain nutrition process is very customizable and can be personalized according to your unique needs. In fact, I will be working with you during our one-on-one sessions to customize it for you further, should you need it. 


Once you upgrade your nutrition to power your brain, you'll notice that your brain fog is lifted, you no longer have mid-day crash or mid-week exhaustion, and you don't experience sluggishness or food coma. 


By the end of a tough work week, you STILL have energy left for fun.

"How long will it take to see results?"


The brain reacts pretty quickly to new lifestyle upgrades. As long as you are willing to take action and make those upgrades, you will see results within 6 weeks


In fact, scientific studies have shown that you can start seeing results in as little as 2 weeks when you make lifestyle upgrades. Not just in studies but also in my clients who have taken action. 


To be fully transparent (which I am always with you), it depends on how much effort you put in and how consistent you are. There is no overnight transformation. But within the first week of taking action, you can start seeing tangible results, and within the six weeks of consistent actions, you can see quite a transformation in your performance, productivity, and overall well-being.

"What is the refund policy?"


At Optimyzed Brain, everything is developed with the best intention and highest effort, made for people committed to taking action. Hence, there is no refund, and all sales are final. There are a couple of reasons for this. When someone asks about the refund, I have seen them already planning for not doing the work required. I cannot stress enough that no one can do the work for you or take action. Those who are committed to making Unfair Advantage work for them diligently implement the recommended actions to see results.


I went from anxious and scattered to focused and confident in 5 weeks.


Despite our success and momentum, I personally felt a high degree of anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Ambitious targets and fear of missing them were one stressor, but more importantly was dealing with the stress of a million inbound activities, distractions, and not knowing what was the most impactful activity I should be focused on. 

The Bootcamp helped me knit together... the role of clarity, sleep, diet ...other techniques into a powerful combination that allows me to achieve both business and personal objectives. 


I am more relaxed, I have more certainty on what I’m focused on in the day, week or month.  


I’ve been rebooting my sleep and wake routines. Am getting better sleep and waking more energized (particularly difficult in dark winter months)... and arrive at my morning activities relaxed rather than rushed and anxious. 


If you feel stuck, anxious, that there is an opportunity to unlock massive, disruptive change if you could only figure out the secret recipe, this Bootcamp is for you...unlocking your true potential and getting the best out of yourself in business and personally.    


~ Michael Argast, CEO,

With a few small adjustments, I was able to achieve higher levels of energy, reduced sluggishness and more positivity in my daily work within a couple of weeks!

Dan Taylor.jpeg

Before Optimyzed Brain, I was overwhelmed with the demands of a new leadership position that I had taken. I didn’t have a clearly formed goal for what I am trying to accomplish in this new challenging role. This made it hard for me to prioritize what was most important for the team to focus on.


I would have difficulty focusing on actionable tasks and procrastinate by checking Emails, Teams, Social Media, Stocks and News. 


I was stressed out by working long hours, feeling like I could never catch up to the chaos and was not getting the fulfillment I wanted in life, and this manifested itself physically in my body as well. 


The insights from the Optimyzed Brain helped me to restructure my team in a way that reduced the workload on myself. This was a huge win: 


I went from working ~60 hours per week to ~40 hours per week. 


Now I have more time to fill my life with fulfilling activities and am almost daily going to the gym, meeting up with a friend, or doing something fun.


Optimyzed Brain is a one-time investment that will pay off over the rest of your career." 


~ Dan Taylor, Principal PM Manager, Microsoft 

Going through Optimyzed Brain’s program, I identified and eliminated these self-sabotaging behaviours to improve my efficiency and overall quality of life.


On the outside, it may appear to my friends that I am highly productive due to my many commitments. However, inside, I felt I was not doing enough.


Before working with Optimyzed Brain, I frequently found myself struggling to meet deadlines and fulfill commitments, which led to feelings of exhaustion. I experienced difficulty concentrating for more than 15 minutes at a time, which further contributed to my struggle to keep up with work demands. 

After going through Optimyzed Brain’s Unfair Advantage, I now have the ability to focus for extended sessions of 90 minutes instead of the previous 15-minute intervals, which has significantly improved my productivity and overall wellbeing. 

Before, I used to experience mental blocks often, feeling disorganized and scrambled. But after going through Unfair Advantage, I seldom experience mental blocks now. For example, I have gained clarity on the right tasks to focus on, which enabled me to reduce my workload by about 30-40%.

One significant transformation I have experienced is in my sleep. I used to sleep only 5.5 hours on average per night, but now I can sleep 7.5 hours per night with better quality. I fall asleep within 10-15 minutes and naturally wake up around 5 am, feeling more energized after waking up.

As a result of these changes, I have been able to reduce my working hours to just under 40 hours per week from the previous 60 hours, despite having multiple jobs and commitments. I can still get the same amount of work done, but more effectively and efficiently.

Ultimately, the value gained from this investment extends beyond completing the bootcamp and contributes to my long-term personal and professional growth.

~ Ian Yu, ML Engineer and Data Science Lead 

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