Our clients were faced with similar challenges and were asking the same questions. They've decided not only to conquer the challenges but thrive and become the BEST version of themselve. Here our executives share with you what they really experienced.


"Even though we raised 7-figure funding round, hit a 700% growth that led to profitability, and 7 granted US patents with over 100 citations from big tech companies (including Google, Paypal, Microsoft, and Square) something seemed to be missing. I was working over 80 hours a week and always seemed to be in fire-fighting mode, going from country to country and customer to customer. We were building out too many features, directing constant changes for the team, and constant task prioritization/re-prioritization which lead to missed engineering deadlines and milestones. As a father of two kids, I was missing out on spending time with them and those special moments, and the guilt was definitely catching up. This was raising the level of stress and
having an impact on my mental health.

Through a science-based process at Optimyzed Brain, I now gained much better clarity on my short-term goals and really focus on the things that are consequential to directly impact productivity and
performance. Deciding and prioritizing things to work/focus on has
been a big productivity booster
helping cut down work time from 80 hours a week to 50 hours - that’s 30 hours gained to invest in other areas of my life.

By working on a system introduced through Optimyzed Brain,
I have been getting more sleep, almost 7 hours every day. This systemized approach to obtaining consistent quality sleep has further helped the next day in getting through the work at hand faster, reducing stress, and freeing up time to take care of my health and family. This has resulted in me
being able to
spend 3-4 hours of focused time with my family in the evenings and even take my kids to play some tennis.

Optimyzed Brain helps founders & executives save years of time." 

Deepak Dutt
CEO of Zighra
Backed by Techstars, BDC, EDC, MaRS IAF and others.


"With the change in my brain performance, came the change in my company’s performance and the rate we achieved our targets. With regioHELP, I am pleased to announce that within 7 months, I secured €85M funding for the first telecommunication pilot project [first funding round]. If I didn't work with Optimyzed Brain I would not be at this stage.

I went from constantly feeling exhausted to
doubling my productivity! This was a combination of my sleep and nutrition that together raised my energy levels and concentrations. From not getting enough sleep (I did not even sleep well at all), I went to at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep.

Before, I had difficulty waking up in the mornings and ignored all the wake-up calls, because I felt low on energy. Now, I wake up on time, do my morning routine including some sports before heading to work. Before starting my workday, I feel full of energy. This gave me the ability to experience a 300% increase in my focus and concentration ability.

From being exhausted after 30 min of concentrated tasks I now can easily do 2 hours or more. And it is no more exhausting task, it is now
a flow I get in. This all helped me to be executing on my tasks and be decisive. All this led to being more organized and giving me the opportunity to have a dedicated reflection time of 45 min. each day, which before, I had no time for.

If you are not happy with where you are in your life and business, you need to be willing to change your behaviour by acting. You need to put the effort into making that change.

Willem Brinkert
CEO of regioHELP eGenmbH 



"After years of sleeping less than 6 hours most nights, I finally broke my vicious cycle and started sleeping 8 hours a night.

I've gained a lot more clarity in what to do 'now and next' with much less anxiety over trying to accomplish way too much over a short period of time.
I experienced a 125% increase in being able to make decisions with clarity and certainty
. Decisions and actions now flow faster than before. For example...I had collapsed a routine I’ve been doing 3 x per week over the last several months from 2 hours to 1 hour! With no stress! It actually felt like I had used more time even though I had used half the time.

The system not only coached me on how to schedule my days but also gave me easy hacks to focus my attention.
The result is that my concentration “span” increased from 30 minutes to 90 minutes - a three-fold increase...I’m able to work while being fully present, without the nagging voice inside my head that doubts every decision or distracts me with all the other things I must get done.

Before I felt like I was working every waking moment, seven days a week... I was constantly apologizing for rescheduling my parent-child date nights. Now, I spend most evenings and weekends with my family...
transformations I experienced through Optimyzed Brain, that helped me effectively create 25% more hours each day

Crystal Wong Kreuger
former Director of SOTI

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"Starting a business in a pandemic comes with its own set of challenges and one of those was that it forced us to move entirely online to continue running and growing our business. With a never-ending list of tasks to complete, it was a challenge to know what to focus on next. I struggled to make decisive decisions and lacked clarity & focus in my business. I would work between 40-50 hours per week and was drained from the mental demand of wearing so many hats as a small business founder.

Throughout working with Optimyzed Brain,
I was able to cut down the decision-making process to within days WITHOUT second-guessing myself and therefore allowing me to move forward and prioritize what tasks should be completed to support the decisions and further actions. 

One of the biggest measurable differences would be my ability to
focus on a given task WITHOUT distraction. Prior to joining Optimyzed Brain, I would be distracted often. This had me on a loop of becoming unfocused to the point where I wouldn’t be able to work uninterrupted without distraction or my mind wandering for more than 15 mins or so.  Since increasing my brain performance I have learned how to utilize the tools and techniques to stay focused and on task for up to 90 min straight! That’s a 500% increase in concentration. 

Where I used to work 50 hours per week, starting early and finishing late, often working into the evening.
I now work about 6 hours per day (30 hours per week). This means that I get to prioritize self-care, exercise, and family time because I've recovered time through being efficient. 

Bill Verbakel
CEO of B2B Dog Training


"I’ve realized, if I continue with 12 to 16-hour workdays and 4 hours of sleep, like the past 30 years of my career, I’m going to end up in the hospital. I’m a tired, overweight 50-year-old who is running out of steam to accomplish everything I want. I know that my team needs a clear-headed, focused leader with a handle on vision and objectives. However, I don’t see how I could achieve those marathon goals on 4-5 hours of sleep a day, a bad diet, and no exercise. As the CEO of a $5M post-seed cybersecurity company, I’ve decided to prioritize optimizing my brain performance.

It’s been a 180-degree transformation.
I now start my day with exercise. I’ve lost 15 pounds so far, and am more conscious about the choices I make, and those choices are becoming easier every day.  I'm always at, or near 8 hours of sleep every night.

I’ve learned to get rid of distractions, which enables me to
focus on the most valuable work that will help us achieve our objectives...Added energy, focus, and clarity have enhanced my capability to identify potential solutions and be more decisive, which has reduced my overall stress. Reducing distractions, improving performance and productivity have given me time, which is what I needed to be able to sit back and think. 

We’ve started our
series A fundraising and are meeting with many potential investors and commitments have been made. We’ve signed a partnership agreement with TELUS to seek our services across Canada...and our roadmap is accelerating

Steve Rainville
former Associate Partner of IBM
former senior Lead of Deloitte


"I’d found myself being more scattered and less productive than I had in a long time. My time during the week would be sucked up by emails, I would wake feeling tired, my work days would extend to 10 hours, 12 hours, yet it didn’t seem to help, and my to-do’s seemed to be getting longer rather than shorter. This ultimately was why I decided to join the Brain Optimization Bootcamp. 

I don’t think I have ever: a) come across a truly actionable program like it, or b) felt like
it was 100% worth my time, effort, and money as much as I have with this Bootcamp.  I learned the techniques that would claw back my missing time. The quicker I could apply them, and better I could ride the wave of crazy... And that instinct turned out to be 100% correct.

The amazing mix of science, customization, and brain training in the Bootcamp allowed me to
rewire my brain to better habits, made my deep work sessions more productive, and put me in a mindset that not only helped me achieve goals but be excited by the challenges we were facing. I feel calmer, more resilient, and like I’m finally making things move forward again. It was the busiest I’d ever been, yet taking the time for this was so incredibly worth it, and has continued to consistently pay off over the past three months."

Emily Craven
CEO of Story City App



"Before, I would be awake into the early hours - stuck and apprehensive of the day to come. My schedule was all over the place. I was sleeping only 4 hours a day. I was apprehensive about making decisions. I was worried about making the wrong one. Optimizing my brain has changed my confidence, my ability to make bold decisions and secure customers 

By creating a schedule based on when my brain is more active - I’ve been able to be more efficient with my time. This allowed me to optimize my work schedule, which also allowed me to have time for myself outside of work as well. Through the brain optimization program, I created a steady sleep schedule which goes a long way in how efficient my days can be.

I always had in my mind the vision for Dunya Habitats. But I was always second-guessing myself. I feel now having gone through the Brain Optimization Program not only do I have better mental clarity, but also am less worried about making mistakes. My confidence in how I lead the company has seen a significant boost. This program allowed me to make the decision that eventually led to our first paying client in Canada. "

Sugeevan Shanmuganathan
CEO of Dunya Habitats

Michelle Headshot.jpg

"I was hesitant to start another program because I had very limited time and was worried about the extra cost. However, I trusted my instincts to join and I’m so glad that I did because it was by far the best and most energizing program I’ve been in so far!  

I was feeling pretty overwhelmed and not sleeping well. I had just successfully piloted our Sparkle Assistant in January and was preparing to launch in March when the pandemic hit and many of our beta customers had to shut down. I was feeling disheartened, unmotivated, and unproductive to say the least. I knew I needed to do something to shake me out of this funk...

The Brain Optimization Program gave me very clear and tangible things to do to increase my productivity and stay motivated.
I am able to stay more focused and feel rejuvenated because I’m wasting less time and really honing in on the most important tasks to complete. Since joining the program, we sharpened our vision, launched Sparkle Assistant to the general public, gained new subscribers and draft a licensing agreement to use with companies interested in reselling Sparkle Assistant" 

Michelle Maryns
CEO of WeSparkle & Bush Foundation Fellow
Backed by Techstars

Akil Headshot.jpg

"I didn't have time, energy, or even a single thought of relaxation… I was taking frequent naps during the day to catch up on my energy for the next set of work. I didn't even realize my current habits created a lot of unnecessary stress, lack of quality sleep, and affected my personal life negatively. In addition to this, I would finish my workday at 1 am or 2 am and completely run out of energy. With the help of Brain Optimization Bootcamp, I achieved a few things in a better way:

I gave up my 7-8 cups of coffee per day and swapped that with other
healthy brain foods, which help me maintain my energy during work and after work

I created a new sleep pattern, which helps me obtain good quality sleep, and this technique also allows me to spend some time with my 6-year-old twin girls and build a healthy sleep habit for them.

The most important change for me is
gaining huge confidence and changing the way I operate, which helped me start to scale BlueMind globally within a few weeks." 

Akil Balachandran
CEO of BlueMind.App & CEO of LifePlan Investments
former Sun Life financial advisor

Macridis, AM - FV.jpg

"Even though my business was pre-revenue, we had not raised any capital (not even grants or a small business loan), I made this major investment in myself during the pandemic... 

I felt my brain fog clear as I learned the techniques to reverse engineer which then allowed me to carry out tasks more effectively. I became crystal clear of my objectives and was more prepared than ever to onboard film festival organizations. Using science-backed techniques enabled me to establish a clear roadmap of where to go and what to do to get there. Optimyzed Brain provided me with how and why to approach my goals with laser focus all while being in the most optimal mindset to do so.

By working with Optimyzed Brain, I went from ‘sometimes’ to ‘always’ being clear on what needs to be done on any given day, week, month and year.
I went from being stalled to now capable of making complex decisions with certainty and clarity.  

From feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list and easily distracted due to a concentration span of 30 minutes
, I was able to increase my concentration to 2 and 3 hours. This enabled me to double my productivity.

Optimyzed Brain was a remarkable experience that came into my world at a time when I needed the tools to assist me in navigating a very winding path with many forks and dead ends; a maze, really. I didn’t need another book with a general direction to point me in. I needed someone to ask the tough questions, teach the best practices and really care about the process I was experiencing. I haven’t been the same person since. I’m not one for regrets, but discovering Optimyzed Brain a decade ago, would have completely changed the way I approached the business of acting. 

Optimyzed Brain approach is very comprehensive and not only provides the how-to, but it also dives into the why and the science behind the benefits.

Anne-Mari Macridis
COO of FestiVote, Hollywood Actor 


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