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"From being exhausted after 30 min of concentrated tasks I now can easily do 2 hours or more. And it is no more exhausting task, it is now a flow I get in."

Willem Brinkert, CEO @ RegioHELP 

Where he was... 

I am 38 years old, husband, and father of an 11-year-old daughter, running three major businesses while being chronically ill with cystic fibrosis since birth. 


Being told your entire life you’re chronically ill, will either kill you directly or throw you into the lowest part of society with no ability and no will anymore to fight.


Doctors have consistently told me that I couldn’t live past the age of 20, then 30. Or that I shouldn’t study or go for big ventures as I would not live long enough for it. Being a tech startup founder in Europe, I was also told that I couldn’t raise financing or be eligible for capital because of my disease.  

However, there were also other downstream impacts that were slowing down my performance: lack of directions, anxiety attacks, no sleep, no private/family time, and a constant feeling of not achieving enough.

In 2018 we (a partner and good friend of mine) founded regioHELP eGenmbH with the aim to provide rural areas in Austria and Germany with good infrastructure (glass fiber optics to power broadband networks).


We have an ambitious mission: to provide a full cover (serving all), open network, without any subsidies and no liabilities for the municipalities. This means building the infrastructure to serve 120k people in 3 years (with a population increase of 10%) and over 900 businesses.


We want to achieve this while competing with established corporations providing broadband internet. To do that we require significant capital - equity and debt. In December 2020, I was stuck here: in need of at least $30 million in equity and at least $70 million. in senior debt.

Where he is now. 

Enhanced mental clarity: From a dark future vision, I went to having crystal-clear goals with detailed visions of how to achieve them. Before, I made no decisions or rarely knew what needed to be done.


Then by applying the Optimyzed Brain system, I become clear on my priorities and am now always making decisions with certainty and clarity. I am clear on what needs to be done on a given day, week, month, quarter and year. 

Improvement in Sleep: From not getting enough sleep (I did not even sleep well at all), I went to at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep.


Before, I had difficulty waking up in the mornings and ignored all the wakeup calls, because I felt low on energy. Now, I wake up on time, do my morning routine including some sports before heading to work. Before starting my work day, I feel full of energy.

Increase in Concentration:  From being exhausted after 30 min of concentrated tasks I now can easily do 2 hours or more. And it is no more exhausting task, it is now a flow I get in.


This all helped me to be executing on my tasks and be decisive.  I went from constantly feeling exhausted to doubling my productivity!

Performance Efficiency:  I went not only to fast executions but also to delegate responsibility and authority to my team. Before I was trying to be on top of each decision, trying to know everything and be there for everyone on time.


Now, I let them decide. I realized that by giving responsibilities away, by trusting my team, they grow, take ownership and bring in their knowledge as well. The team went from more than 3 long weekly meetings to one, if it happens at all.


Everyone now communicates fast and to the point, when it is needed, with those that need involvement, using digital tools we all know.


This was the biggest step that gave me spare time to dedicate myself better to the important tasks and steps in the business but also the chance to not overspend time at work and rather use that time now with my family.

"In 8 months I secured €485M for regioHELP...If I didn't work with Optimyzed Brain I would not be at this stage." -Willem 

With the change in my brain performance, came the change in my company’s performance and the rate we achieved our targets. With regioHELP, I am pleased to announce that within 7 months, I secured €85M funding for the first telecommunication pilot project.


As I write this, my team has started deploying and preparing for the next pilots. This financing was led by parties outside of the fiber industry. On top of the €85M, I am pleased to share that we secured an additional €400M+ in funding for future fiber projects in further areas in the DACH region, which can be called up in the next 4 years. It was my first ever round. When I started fundraising, I had zero connections to venture capitalists.

Self-motivation, discipline and persistence are needed here too – you need to consistently train and keep your brain sharp to achieve ambitious goals! Honestly, I don’t know nor believe in any “read this book” and you will achieve success without intensive self-training and or practicing, and receiving coaching feedback from an expert. 

 "If you actually act and dare to optimize your brain - you can move mountains even with adversities like mine! There is no limit in what you can achieve if you use what has been given to you- your brain and your whole body- while training it and keeping it healthy!" -Willem

Customer Testimonials. As with any self-growth program, your results may vary from these customer testimonials.  The testimonials used are of actual clients and of the results they personally achieved. They are not intended to represent or guarantee that current or future clients will achieve the same or similar results. Your results will be based on many variables, such as your level of effort, personal qualities, knowledge, skills, and a range of other biological factors. Since these factors differ for each individual, we cannot guarantee your success, or results nor are we responsible for your success or failure. Optimyzed Brain is not an overnight transformation. It takes time, effort, and dedication to optimize your brain and while we - and the customers shown - believe Optimyzed Brain gives you incredible and comprehensive guidance, ultimately, you do have to take action.

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