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Ready to achieve more without pulling long hours, missing sleep or burning out?

I'll show you how to 2x your productivity and gain 2 hrs per day even if you are a busy parent, wearing multiple hats, got competing priorities or battling adversity.

Do you feel like you’ve put in all these hours but don’t have the expected results to show for it? 


Do you feel stressed or anxious about uncertainties? Do unforeseen events force you to put out one fire after another?


 Do you compare yourself to others? Does it feel like no matter how much you achieve, it never feels good enough? Do others always seem ahead of you? 


Do you want to stop feeling you are always running on the hamster wheel? Lying in bed at night, being kept awake by constantly thinking about everything you need to do?


Do you wake up feeling tired and need to drink cup after cup of coffee just to keep yourself awake and alert? 


Do tasks take longer than expected? Do you find yourself constantly distracted by emails, notifications, or other activities that prevent you from finishing? 


Do you simply wish you could achieve more in the hours you have without burning out, sacrificing your sleep, and losing time with your loved ones? 


Do you have big things you are working on and would like to knock the ball out of the park so that you can open doors to even bigger and better opportunities?

If you have got too many responsibilities and a never-ending list of tasks to manage. 

You have tried everything to stay on top and gain back all those missed times, yet, nothing seems to be helping.   


If you have tried every self-improvement habit-building tip and trick, but it never seems to stick and you always fall back. 


If you have seemingly read everything under the sun but nothing is reaching out to you through those pages to give you that actionable feedback that works for your life.


And now you find yourself this close to losing your cool if another person tells you that the secret to achieving more and having greater success is to wake up at 5 AM. 


Yet you also know something has to change. 


You have seen the signs: hair loss, weight loss or weight gain, skin conditions, sleep disturbances, irritability with your loved ones and colleagues, just to name a few.


You know if you continue this way, it is no longer sustainable. You are on a one-way road trip to burnout, or worse, increase your risk for heart attack or diabetes. 


You know that chronic stress and sleep deprivation heighten the risks of obesity, cardiovascular disease, and even cancer. Any one of these conditions could instantly shatter all your aspirations and dreams. 


If you are looking for a path forward to finally break free from feeling scattered, distracted, overwhelmed, fatigued, and stressed and would instead like to be highly effective and efficient in all your pursuits, then I’ve got a proven science-based path forward for you!


(And no, it’s not another healthy lifestyle claim for improved work-life balance.)

Hi, I'm Portia Asli, a licensed engineer in Environment and Health, a Cambridge University MBA and the founder of Optimyzed Brain.

As a 4x entrepreneur and former leader in a multi-national corporation, I too, once thought that one could only achieve ambitious targets by working hard and long hours. It didn’t take me long to develop insomnia, high-functioning anxiety and burn out.


I learned that it’s not how hard I work but rather how effectively I use my time. I realized that the only way to achieve that was to practice a lifestyle that optimized my brain for peak mental performance. These days, I regularly speak on podcasts, academic institutions, and global brands all across the United States, Canada, and Europe and empower thousands of leaders.


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I have coached and trained 1000s of ambitious professionals across every function and industry to see the results they desire and permanently break free from stress, anxiety, exhaustion, distractions, overwhelm, and overwork. Within just 6 weeks of science-driven, evidence-based steps, my clients experienced increased focus and concentration, improved energy, better sleep, mental clarity, and enhanced creativity. 

They’ve gained an “Unfair Advantage” and became effective and efficient in their highest pursuits. The increased mental performance enabled them to gain an extra 1 to 3 hours per day to achieve more, even if they were parents, had competing priorities as leaders, or battling health adversity.


Now, it’s your turn to gain an Unfair Advantage. Whether you are an entrepreneur, a consultant, a specialist, a manager, a team leader, or an executive - you can now follow a proven step-by-step system to optimize your mental performance through easily adoptable science-based life changing actions.


But first, let's start by addressing an obvious question. 

What exactly is and isn’t having an optimized mental performance? 


First of all, it’s certainly not about trying to find more time by depriving yourself of sleep or time with loved ones. Let’s face it. Anyone can find “more” time by doing that. But only those who become the top 1% in their field know and practice what I'm about to tell you.


It’s not about multi-tasking or context-switching to get everything done. In fact, context switching has been shown to lower IQ and decrease mental performance. Rather it’s about the ability to do deep work and maintain the flow state for achieving groundbreaking results in the time you do have. 


It’s not about taking on everything that comes your way as a leader. Rather it’s about knowing when to say no and which tasks to prioritize, amongst all the things that scream important, urgent, emergency and high priority. It’s about maintaining clarity and targeted focus on the correct driver activities even when something new or different can distract you.   


It’s not about getting 7, 8, or even 9 hours of sleep. You can log those hours and still wake up feeling tired and foggy. Rather it’s about ensuring that the sleep you do get is optimized for sleep rather than the quantity.


It’s not about clocking how many hours a day you spend in the gym. Rather, it’s about doing a few scientifically proven techniques in less than 10 minutes to get your brain and body the MOST effective results.


It’s not about meditating, forcing yourself to sit still for long hours, or having a blank mind. In fact, mediation can actually make some people more neurotic and trigger unresolved trauma. Rather, it's about doing a few techniques that bend reality in the direction you want, solving those complex problems without being kept awake at night, and coming up with solutions that accelerate your growth. 




It’s knowing how to use stress in a way that restructures the brain for resilience in the face of adversity so that you can thrive in challenging situations and achieve those never-been-achieved milestones.

It’s getting key nutrients, regardless of what diet your practice (without needing to prepare each meal from scratch), to power your brain at a cellular level for execution, energy, health, and longevity. 


It’s being able to have a routine, lifestyle, and behavior to best leverage the time you do have, and make the most out of it (in terms of results and outputs). 

Unfortunately, a science-based lifestyle approach to optimizing the brain for peak mental performance isn’t something most successful leaders talk about.


This is because, just like you, most of these leaders have also been taught that the only way to succeed is to work non-stop. They believe that chronic stress is normal, that you have to multi-task and sacrifice many things to achieve the next big thing.


But if you’re tired of this and know that this method of living is not sustainable, efficient, or the way you want to be, then let me show you a much more effective and efficient way to rise to the top and stay there for much longer.  


A holistic, science-based 6-week 6-step online bootcamp done at your own pace to optimize your mental performance. It brings you 15 years of experience, evidence, and scientific discoveries and translates them into easily adoptable and immediate micro-actions.   

As soon as you enroll, you get to log into our easy-to-use membership platform site to access Unfair Advantage. You get instant access to the entire 6-step 6-week bootcamp. Each week of the bootcamp focuses on one step and builds on other weeks to help you establish elite-level routines, systems, lifestyles, and behaviors for optimized mental performance.  

Within Unfair Advantage, you will find four unique delivery methods to help you get results every week. The bootcamp:

  • teaches you the science-based actions to optimize your brain for peak mental performance via a series of bite-sized video lessons anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes. Think of these lessons as consulting – you are taught what to do, why to do that, when to do that, and how to do it. It’s straight to the point - no bs, no fluff. 


  • guides you via pre-recorded sessions that are typically between 20 to 40 minutes. Think of these guides as facilitated coaching workshops where you work while being guided via a specific methodology to help you transform, gain clarity, get an “aha” moment, and ultimately have a breakthrough. It’s made even more accessible as it’s pre-recorded. You can go through them on your own time and as often as you like. 


  • tracks your actions through exercises and tracking worksheets so that you can see your improvements and opportunities for growth based on evidence. 

  • assesses your growth and transformation. You’ll be invited to do two self-assessments, once at the beginning of the bootcamp and once at the end, and six progress self-assessments at the end of each week. Based on your results, we’ll generate a personalized "Mental Performance Transformation Report"  for you at the end of the bootcamp. 


It is an action-oriented science-based system that has helped busy parents, CEOs, investors, business owners, entrepreneurs, and leaders at Fortune 500 companies to break free from chronic stress, brain fog, overwhelmedness, scatter, overwork, and fatigue. 

Unfair Advantage has helped driven leaders be more effective and efficient in their highest pursuits, gain a competitive edge to get to the top and get back 2+ hours of their day with enhanced performance.  

Whether it's sales targets, fundraising goals, impact measurements, product growth, a closer bond with family, time for side hustles, or better physical and mental health, Unfair Advantage has helped others and can help you as well. Armed with these mental performance upgrades, you choose the heights you want to reach.  

As you take science and evidence-based holistic actions through Unfair Advantage,

you will see results within 6 weeks across the following 8 areas

(and all of these are without taking any magic pill): 



Eliminate brain fog and hidden time wasters 
Increase mental clarity on key priorities and tasks



Increase quality and quantity
Decrease latency and fall asleep faster



Reduce or eliminate chronic stress and anxiety 
Increase feelings of stillness and peace 

Performance - 2.png


Become more effective in getting things done

Get more efficient in producing better results

Establish a routine for consistent quality results 

Focus - 2.png


Break dependency on time-wasting habits 
Sustain flow for output-driven results 

boost_your_energy - 2.png


Reduce sluggishness and mental fatigue
Increase alertness and execution speed



Reduce or eliminate mental blocks and stagnation 
Make faster and more effective decisions

Solve problems better and faster



Power up with high-quality brain nutrition 
Shed unwanted weight and gain higher energy

Together, here’s how we’ll make it happen in six steps… 

Week 1 / Step 1: Gain Targeted Focus

(increase mental clarity and gain focus on your key driver) 

  • Restructure your brain for elite-level performance by breaking away from old patterns that hold you back and instill new behaviors, patterns, and skills that help you thrive in any environment (once you know this, you can break through anything). Plus, adapt faster and succeed in any environment by unlocking the 4 ways your brain changes (the key to training your brain to cement new habits and behaviors for success in any pursuits).

  • The 3 keys for increasing mental clarity whenever you are stuck and unsure of your next steps. Combining these keys can help you uncover new insights and solve complex problems without wasting so much time idling.   

  • Make prioritization easy with “Highest Priority Mapping” which can double or even triple your output in a short time and gets you to push your cognitive abilities beyond its limits (you'll save 30% of your workday with this methodology alone and never have to scramble to "find" time for what's important).

  • Performance Assessment: Know what slows down your performance, makes you tired, and wastes your time. You’ll learn to control this, so you can gain more time and momentum instead of losing it (this means now you can have more time for what’s really important).

  • A data-driven tool to increase output: identify what drains your energy throughout the day, what your source of distraction is, where your wasted time goes, and allocate your time to things that drive ROI (this tool alone allowed our clients to get back 2 -3 hours PER DAY).

Highest Priority Mapping” Guided Session: A guided pre-recorded coaching session to help you align with the right priority for a given day, week, month, quarter, and year. Our clients love this so much that they recommend you re-use it for your strategic annual/ quarterly planning as a time and money-saving tool

► “Unicorn Avatar” Guided Session: A guided pre-recorded coaching session to help you gain mental clarity on 5 key aspects that contribute to achieving your ideal target. You'll love this session, as it will help you open your mind to making the impossible possible and crystalize the right long-term and short-term targets to achieve. 

Week 2 / Step 2: Increase Concentration and Processing Power

(while also transforming your body) 

  • Find the correct – and surprising – “fuel” your brain needs to proficiently complete tasks and cement new skills (otherwise, you will feel low on energy to power through challenging tasks, will easily get distracted, and experience mood swings).

  • The top 2 ingredients that are detrimental to your brain performance: These lower the rate of new neuron creation and derail your brain from producing more energy. When you address these two, it'll no longer be a surprise why you feel so tired and sluggish. (manage these in your diet, and you've improved 90% of your daily brain fuel for performance and longevity).

  • Top 14 brainfood hacks to optimize your performance, increase concentration, curb hunger and reduce cravings. So easy to integrate them into your existing dietary lifestyle, you'll be asking why no one taught you these sooner

  • The surprising 7 ingredients that are commonly found in every kitchen yet degrade your brainpower (you'll see how easily you can get rid of these and see a massive improvement in your brainpower). Doing so will not only boost your mental performance but also your healthspan and longevity.

  • Remove brain fog and fatigue using fuels that fight the chemicals that inhibit your brain from achieving high performance. This particular chemical impairs your ability to learn, remember, and enter deep states of focus and concentration (your wellbeing will thank you for fighting this chemical that can cause all sorts of health issues in the future if it's not addressed).

  • Scientifically studied 6-cognitive enhancing ingredients that promote alertness, stimulate brain cells’ growth, and improve attention and memory (you'll love these if you hate post-coffee crashes, anxiety and jitters).

  • Nutrition Assessment:  you'll be armed with powerful information to assess your own nutrition intake and based on the learning from week 2, where to make small adjustments and improvements. You can do this no matter what diet you have.  

Bonus “Ultimate Brainpower Nutrition Cheatsheet” PDF Guide: a to-the-point, no fluff, 6-step nutrition lifestyle upgrade that is immediately actionable for optimized mental performance without restrictive dieting. By making those upgrades, you reduce cravings, feel full longer, avoid jitters, and have sustained energy. 

Week 3 / Step 3: Results-Driven Execution

(without having to work longer hours)

  • Apply the proven formula for entering and maintaining the "Flow State": Psychologists define it as the state of peak performance in which you can work on a task without any distractions and produce world-class results (this is one of the rarest and most valued skills to have in our information economy. You'll learn how to get into this state at will.

  • Engineer "Deep Work" sessions with the 7-step systematic approach to increasing your effectiveness. Never feel scattered again with this proven method. This is the same technique that enabled Henry Ford to reduce his production time by 11 hours, which then allowed him to massively scale his manufacturing (you'll want to implement this to streamline your daily and weekly output where you'll feel so good having accomplished enough and finally get ahead).

  • Tune out distractions, and get into the "zone" with a  clinically proven technique. This upgrade alone increases your focus over 3 times for world-class production (our CEOs swear by this one hack alone! It'll enable you to gain more time because you are so focused on your tasks).

  • Perform under pressure by applying advanced upgrades from elites like Navy SEAL commanders and Guinness World Record holders. Now you've got a habit that enables you to thrive when stakes are high, fires are everywhere, and you have to be on - These are perfect for entering the state of peak performance, regaining focus, and gliding over high-stressed situations.

Bonus “Ultimate Results-Driven Execution Cheatsheet” is a to-the-point, no-fluff, 7-step, immediately actionable workstyle upgrade for maximized results-driven outputs per task. The ROI you get from this alone will save you from pulling crazy long hours and hitting burnout. Most importantly, you not only see the acceleration in achieving targets but also exceeding them with much more ease.   

Week 4 / Step 4: Feel Calmer and Relaxed

(and gain control even when under pressure) 

  • Trigger the release of your brain's 4 'happy' chemicals that boost your immune system, help fight stress and give you a feeling of calm and safety. Now you know which chemical is released for what types of situations, activities, and events, so you can immerse yourself more in those.  

  • Promotes a state of happiness using a clinically proven technique that builds resilience at a neural level. When you are frequently under pressure, dealing with uncertainties and crises, this technique will help you avoid and mitigate stress, anxiety, depression, and even burnout (get back to thinking clearly during high-stake emotional times to accelerate goal achievement).

  • Get over rejections quickly with a 4-step technique and bounce back up from failures in less than 20  minutes. Clinically proven to reduce anxiety, build stronger immune systems, and let go of anger and internal chronic interpersonal stressors (you'll be able to heal from past traumas and hangups, so you'll have more mental energy to overcome obstacles as a leader).

  • "Bend reality" as coined by Steve Jobs: know how to control the part of your brain that plays a vital role in achieving your targets and alters your perceptions (this has helped our executives bounce back up in record time from earth-shattering failures and major life adversities).

  • Increase the speed of achievement with the 3 vital brain training techniques. Find out specifically when is the critical time to practice these techniques to find solutions to complex problems that keep you awake at night (this technique got a CEO to grow their revenue from stalling at $1M for several years to a $100M multinational company).

► “Tap into Happiness” Guided Session: Guided pre-recorded coaching session to increase your happiness, reduce stress, and help you get in the right mindset for achieving your target. Within 10 minutes, you feel substantially calmer and happier. 

► “Bounce Forward” Guided Session: Guided pre-recorded coaching session that will guide you through releasing some of your biggest hurts and hangups to create the cognitive space for speed and execution.  Within 30 minutes, you literally feel lighter. You can now achieve your goals faster when you let go of those negative emotions and energies. 

► “Boost Confidence” Guided Session: Guided pre-recorded coaching session that will guide you to beat imposter syndrome and raise your self-esteem. Within 15 minutes, you regain confidence in your knowledge, skills and experiences that you are truly meant to be doing this and capable of achieving those ambitious targets. World, watch out! The Unstoppable You is unleashed!  

Week 5 / Step 5: Enhance Your Sleep and Feel More Energized

(no more being sluggish, fatigued, and slow mornings) 

  • Reduce the biggest hidden environmental toxin that affects your circadian rhythm, sleep quality, and energy levels with these 7 upgrades. This toxin leaves you exhausted and can even cause brain cells to die. Not only does it delay your sleep by three hours, but is also a huge performance killer over time (this has enabled our clients to get an additional 2 hours of quality sleep every night).


  • Get quality sleep with a 5-step process. This will help you produce more melatonin without needing to take a melatonin pill and helps you fall asleep faster (this is how you can now fall asleep in less than 15 minutes).


  • Three ways to improve your circadian rhythm so that you obtain high-quality sleep and wake up feeling super energized and get substantial work done before the workday begins (this approach is so researched that NASA even adopts it to ensure the safety of their astronauts).

  • ​Unwind with these 5 science-based brain-calming ingredients. You'll want to stock up on these scientifically proven ingredients for a good night’s sleep to wake up ready for peak performance (with the added benefit of reduced anxiety, insomnia relief, improved mood, and lower anxiety).


  • ​Boost alertness immediately after you wake up with the "one" exercise scientifically proven to wake your brain with a heightened focus and boosts energy, enabling you to think faster (you’ll find out what research shows when to implement this exercise for the most effective mental performance results). Plus,  with this "one" exercise you'll create a healthy dose of stress in your brain that supports the creation and growth of brain cells, which improves your healthspan, lifespan and longevity.


  • ​Learn from a Guinness World Record holder to give the brain the right type of intentional healthy stress for sleep quality. In the process, this technique reduces inflammation, burns more fat, and even gets you fully energized when done right. Plus, I'll tell you when to do it for the most effective results. To get into peak mental performance, this technique is not only used to impact sleep but by our executives use it to thrive under high pressure and practice emotional detachment to overcome difficult times.

Bonus “Ultimate Sleep Cheatsheet” a to-the-point, no fluff, immediate actions for morning, afternoon, evening, and night which enables you to have the highest quality and quantity of sleep. You’ll finally become self-reliant to have a great sleep regardless of where you are. These upgrades go beyond just daily performance. It's about generating and growing brain cells, so you can think faster, learn faster, and have better memory as you adopt a lifestyle for optimal health.

Week 6 / Step 6: Solve Complex Problems Better and Faster
(no more slow decision-making or being mentally stuck)

  • Unlock the creative genius within you by learning how the psychology of your subconscious mind plays a role in helping you solve complex problems, break barriers and turn the impossible into possible (this is what has helped our clients invent revolutionary products, raise 7 to 9-figures during an economic downturn, and jump several levels in their careers).

  • The 3 Rules to getting your subconscious to work with you and know precisely when for maximum effect. This will help you get unstuck, make sound and effective decisions, and finally propel yourself in the right direction (it's the most powerful asset for any leader that 'made it' – think Richard Branson, Oprah Winfrey, Arianna Huffington)

  • Use the power of "Third Order Thinking" as your secret for fast-tracking – this is the missing piece when it comes to achieving results faster. It’s the difference between 12 months to reach a target versus 6 months. 

  • An effective way to use the rest state to help you uncover new insights and solve complex problems. This technique is so powerful and fun that you’ll be surprised how you can actually grow faster even while you are resting (Larry Page used this technique when he was building Google).

  • Create the most effective autosuggestions that can alter your subconscious state. This technique is widely used in practice by psychologists and therapists to help shift identities and mindsets and overcome emotions that hold you back. You’ll use this in the context of work so you can produce stellar outcomes and achieve those KPIs (it’s so powerful that two executives turned this technique into a product and grew their user base from 0 to 2M, and even raised $5M in early-stage funding).

  • Use this 5-Step Method to access deep innovative insights in less than 10 minutes. This simple technique lets you make leaps in your pursuits, not just one small step forward. In fact, it’s one of the most potent subconscious techniques that has enabled our clients to achieve some big targets like 5x ARR in less than 12 months and close a 9-fig funding round.

 Bonus "Mental Performance Transformation Report": Measure your transformation as you complete your post-bootcamp self-assessment and receive a personalized report. I'll personally be reviewing your self-assessments and provide you with this customized report. 

If these driven leaders can see transformative results, so can you!  

Macridis, AM - FV.jpg

"I enhanced my performance by overcoming decision paralysis, constant distractions, and the dreaded imposter syndrome. I felt my brain fog clear. I went from being stalled to now being capable of making complex decisions with certainty and clarity. From feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list and easily distracted due to a concentration span of 30 minutes, I increased my concentration to 2 and 3 hours. This enabled me to double my productivity. The most unexpected part was whom I blossomed into throughout this process and how life-changing it was. The new me has just taken flight, and I am in love with creating the life I want to live. I haven’t been the same person since."

~ Anne-Marie Macradis 

"Even though we hit a 700% growth that led to profitability, and 7 granted US patents, something seemed to be missing. From the outside, it looked like things were going quite well and that I had things figured out. This was far from the truth. I was working over 80 hours a week and always seemed to be in fire-fighting mode. Through a science-based process, I gained much better clarity on my short-term goals and focus on the things that are consequential to directly impact productivity and performance. The biggest gain has been the ability to decide what to focus on and what not to in short/medium term. The ability to say ‘No’ to certain activities has helped a lot with reducing stress from dealing with too much work. Deciding and prioritizing things to work/focus on has been a big productivity booster helping cut down work time from 80 hours a week to 50 hours - that’s 30 hours gained to invest in other areas of my life. By optimizing my brain, I’m improving my sleep, getting better nutrition, increasing my capacity to focus, clarifying my objectives, setting aside time for inventing, and more easily getting into the flow. " ~ Deepak Dutt


"I am a husband and father of 5 kids. I started an online business. Prior to joining Optimyzed Brain, I would often be distracted. Sometimes it's an email, a text message, or a noise outside. Other times it was notifications from Facebook or other software systems. Since increasing my brain performance, I have learned how to utilize the tools and techniques to stay focused and on task for up to 90 min straight! That’s a 500% increase in concentration. Before, it would take me weeks to make a decision. I would consider the decision at hand, then decide, but almost always second guess the decision. Working with Optimyzed Brain, I cut down the decision-making process to within days WITHOUT second guessing myself. I get A LOT more done in way less time. Where I used to work 50 hours per week, starting early and finishing late, often working into the evening. I now work about 6 hours per day (30 hours per week)...allowing me to spend more time on daily self-care and exercise as well as having quality time with my 5 kids."  ~ Bill Verbakel 

"I’ve been trying to juggle my business while parenting. Even while raising 3 young kids and manifesting a massive vision, I’m also co-authoring a book; teaching music and technology at our children’s Montessori; all while also cooking a few meals from scratch every week! For the first time in months, I was able to finish my work and have an entire Sunday afternoon “off” - totally guilt-free - to hang out with my family. I am not just making better decisions, I have greater clarity on WHICH decisions to prioritize at any given moment. I’ve identified and taken steps to minimize time wasters which have empowered me to create more time for valuable work. After years of sleeping less than 6 hours most nights, I finally broke my vicious cycle and started sleeping 8 hours a night. My concentration “spans” increased from 30 minutes to 90 minutes - a three-fold increase. These longer periods of concentration mean I’m able to work while being fully present, without the nagging voice inside my head that doubts every decision or distracts me with all the other things I must get done. Transformations I experienced through Optimyzed Brain helped me effectively create 25% more hours each day. And for all this, I must say: Thank you, Portia, for everything!" ~ Crystal Wong Kreuger


So to recap, here’s everything you get with the Unfair Advantage bootcamp:

🗸 Step 1: Increasing Your Focus & Mental Clarity ($1,000 value)
🗸 Step 2: Increasing Your Concentration & Brain Processing Speed ($1,000 value) 
🗸 Step 3: Increasing Your Execution Speed & Sustaining Flow State ($1,000 value)
🗸 Step 4: Elevating Feelings of Calmness & Happiness ($1,000 value)
🗸 Step 5: Enhancing Your Sleep and Energy ($1,000 value)
🗸 Step 6: Increasing Decision-Making and Problem-Solving Speed ($1,000 value)
🗸 to-the-point, no-bs, science-based actionable video teachings each week ($1,500 value)

🗸 transcript of each video teaching  ($1,500 value)
🗸 five pre-recorded executive-level coaching sessions for accelerated transformative results ($2,500 value)
🗸 downloadable tracking worksheets and exercises throughout each week for self-feedback ($1,500 value) 

🗸 two self-assessments, once at the being and once at the end ($500 value) 

🗸 six progress self-assessments at the end of each week ($600 value)

🗸 Bonus: personalized Mental Performance Transformation Report ($250 value)

🗸 Bonus: The Ultimate Code for Optimized Brain Performance Nutrition ($500 value)

🗸 Bonus: The Ultimate Code for Getting One Week of Results in One Day ($500 value)   

🗸 Bonus: The Ultimate Code for Optimized Brain Performance Sleep  ($500 value)

That's a total retail value of over $15,000.  

So because I selfishly want you to become better than today, and I'm not even counting on how much your health quality will improve, the dividends you get for a lifetime because you've taken actions to enhance your brain health, the more free time you get to have as you are now so much more effective, and the lifechanging goals you'll be able to achieve. I'm going to give you access to Unfair Advantage so you can transform at an incredible value.  

Choose one of the two options that best serve you and get everything at an incredible value when you signup below.  

Option #1 Self-Led

You can go through the entire 6 weeks of Unfair Advantage bootcamp on your own time.  As soon as you enroll, you'll get access to the teachings, pre-recorded guided coaching sessions, exercises, tracking, assessments and bonuses. As you take action through Unfair Advantage, you'll see transformative results within 6 weeksIf this sounds like exactly what you’ve been looking for, you can get access to Unfair Advantage valued at over $15,000 via the enrollment option below. 

All sales are final.


Get enrolled as Self-Led at an incredible value:

USD $1,800

Option #2: VIP 

Unfair Advantage + 1-on-1 Coaching Sessions + Accountability + Feedback

A powerful hybrid self-led and private coaching experience to give you the best of both worlds. Customized support from me as you go through the Mental Performance Optimization Bootcamp. You get everything in Option #1, PLUS: 

✓  You have 60 days of private access to me as you go through the bootcamp can ask any questions you have. I'll be cheering you and keeping you accountable through it. Valued at $3,000


✓  Personalized feedback on your work. When you complete your work through the bootcamp, you will share it with me. I will personally review it and provide feedback on where to improve, what you are doing well, and what to change. Valued at $5, 000 

✓  Three unique personalized coaching sessions to help you gain clarity, increase energy, gain targeted focus, remove mental blocks and reduce stress. Based on areas that need improvement, I will design these coaching sessions accordingly within the 60-day period. Each session will be 1 hour long. Valued at $3, 000

If you know you are the type of person that wants to get personalized feedback and accountability, then this is for you. The additional items in Option #2 alone are worth a total retail value of $11,000. This is not inflated as I do actually charge $30K for 6 months of private bespoke one-on-one coaching with my executive clients. Because I selfishly want you to really succeed, you can have it all at an incredible value that is not available elsewhere. If this option sounds like a great fit for you and you are ready to get my help as you do the work to transform, then enroll below. All sales are final. 

Get enrolled as a VIP for an incredible value: 

USD $3,800

"Before starting the program, I rarely went to bed at a consistent hour. I waited to be tired, but that depended on what I ate, how stressed I was, and the time I spent in front of a screen. I’d been on that cycle for most of my professional career (30 years!). I went from needing anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to fall asleep to about 15 minutes. I’ve essentially gained 30-45 minutes every day for sleep.  I’ve lost 20 pounds so far. I’m more conscious about my choices, and those choices are becoming easier every day. Reducing distractions, improving performance and productivity have given me time, which is what I needed to be able to free up time to think. I’ve gone from having 15-20 minutes without distractions to 90 minutes. That’s a 450-600% improvement! While the individual improvements are significant, it’s the combination that has had the most impact. It’s a 180-degree transformation. Better sleep means I’m more productive and focused. I feel less stressed when under pressure, and it improved my confidence in accomplishing my goals." ~ Steve Rainville


"As CEO and founder of Dunya Habitat, the process of brain optimization gave me the tools and techniques to upgrade my sleep, nutrition, work schedule, mindset and leadership. Before, I would be awake into the early hours - stuck and apprehensive of the day to come. My schedule was all over the place. I was sleeping only 4 hours a day. I was apprehensive about making decisions. My time was not very optimized and I was always running from one thing to another. The learnings from the  Bootcamp have improved my sleep schedule. I changed my perception and attitude to see every decision is just a step forward. I realized my eating patterns were erratic and not healthy. Optimizing my eating habits by choosing brain foods, and eating healthy has given me that extra boost, especially towards the end of the work day. My confidence in how I lead the company has seen a significant boost." ~ Sugeevan Shanmuganathan

"From not getting enough sleep (I did not even sleep well at all), I went to at least 7-8 hours of good quality sleep.  From being exhausted after 30 min of concentrated tasks, I now can easily do 2 hours or more. And it is no more exhausting task, it is now a flow I get in. This gave me the ability to experience a 300% increase in my focus and concentration.  With the change in my brain performance came the change in my company’s performance and the rate we achieved our targets. I am pleased to announce that within 7 months, I secured €85M funding [first funding round]. On top of the €85M, I am pleased to share that we secured an additional €400M+ in funding. If I didn't work with Optimyzed Brain, I would not be at this stage." ~ Willem Brinkert


Can this really work for you too?

You are probably wondering, is this worth it? Is this going to deliver for me? If you happen to be like our client, Emily Craven, then you might be wondering if this will really work for you given the multiple demands you’ve got, the looming deadlines, the fires you’ve got to put out, the team you’ve got to manage. Not to mention a family at home as well!

All Emily knew was that she was constantly playing one giant game of catch-up. She found herself more scattered. Her time during the week was being sucked up by emails. She would wake up feeling tired and work up to 10-12 per day. Yet her to-do lists seemed to be getting longer, not shorter. If you’ve been where Emily was, then you know what it feels like to miss that edge, that special energy that springboards you toward great wins. 

This was ultimately what led Emily to take action toward change. She decided to give herself the best chance of success, one that didn’t rely on luck but on something she could control. She didn’t want to do longer hours but doing more in the same time. To be productive in the hours she already had. She wanted to feel calmer, and more resilient, and to move things forward. That would enable her to rewire the brain for peak performance habits, made her deep work sessions productive, and put her into the mindset of not only achieving goals but being excited by the challenges she was facing. She wanted something that she could learn and immediately apply that will continuously pay off dividends in the future

The only option that fits all these criteria was optimizing the brain for peak mental performance through micro lifestyle upgrades. Once you start learning the step-by-step process that Emily used, you’ll be able to gain back more hours every day. You will see how sustainable it is and how it delivers continuous results into the future. Thereby helping you accelerate in hitting targets, improve your health, and have a better quality of life. Even if you are currently wearing multiple hats, balancing competing demands, having limited hours you need to get the most out of, or pulling long hours per week. 


" I’ve joined courses and coaching before that haven’t delivered, leaving me feeling like I’ve wasted not only money but, more importantly, time.  I don’t think I have ever: a) come across a truly actionable program like it, or b) felt like it was 100% worth my time, effort, and money as much as I have with this Bootcamp.  The quicker I learnt the techniques that would claw back my missing time, the quicker I could apply them and the better I could ride the wave of crazy  And that instinct turned out to be 100% correct.  It was the busiest I’d ever been, yet taking the time for this was so incredibly worth it, and has continued to consistently pay off over the past three months."

Emily Craven

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"I was hesitant to start another program because I had very limited time and was worried about the extra cost. However, I trusted my instincts to join and I’m so glad that I did because it was by far the best and most energizing program I’ve been in so far!"  

Michelle Maryns

What can better sleep do for you?

What would more clarity accomplish for you?

What can you do with an extra 7 to 15 hours per week?

As you take action through Unfair Advantage, you will have

✓ Mental clarity on your key priorities with identification of what milestones and activities are essential for a given day, week, month, quarter and year (without having to do any crazy time management system)

✓ Enhanced nutrition for increased mental clarity, sustained concentration, higher energy, improved memory and brain processing speed (without having to count another calorie or follow an extreme diet - you'll maintain your practice, but it will be much enhanced) 

✓ Results-based execution by getting into and maintaining the Flow State (produce more outputs without having to work longer hours) 

✓ Improved quality sleep and ability to fall asleep faster (our clients have increased their quality sleep by 2 more hours without having to take a pill)

✓ Increased sense of calm, inner peace and relaxation as you let go of some of your deepest hurts and hangups (proven methods without having to go through months and years of therapy) 

✓ Better and faster way to solve complex problems and able to make more confident decisions even when you have limited data (without wasting weeks of second-guessing and battling self-doubt) 

✓Establish a lifestyle to support an optimized mental performance to achieve the goals you are really meant for (without working long hours or cutting sleep, or hitting burnout) while also optimizing for health and longevity - now that's priceless! 

Choose one of the two options that best serve you and get everything at an incredible value when you signup below.  

Enroll as Self-Led to get access to the full 6 weeks mental performance optimization bootcamp 

USD $1,800 

Enroll as VIP to get everything PLUS:

personalized sessions + accountability + feedback for an incredible value 

USD $3,800 


"Despite our success and momentum [$1M ARR milestone and completing a $1.25M seed round], I personally felt a high degree of anxiety and stress on a daily basis. Ambitious targets and fear of missing them were one stressor, but more importantly was dealing with the stress of a million inbound activities, distractions, and not knowing what was the most impactful activity I should be focused on. The Bootcamp helped me knit together... the role of clarity of mission/purpose, sleep, diet ...other techniques into a powerful combination that allows me to achieve both business and personal objectives. I am more relaxed, I have more certainty on what I’m focused on in the day, week or month.  I’ve been rebooting my sleep and wake routines. Am getting better sleep and waking more energized (particularly difficult in dark winter months)... and arrive at my morning activities relaxed rather than rushed and anxious. If you feel stuck, anxious, that there is an opportunity to unlock massive, disruptive change if you could only figure out the secret recipe, this Bootcamp is for you...unlocking your true potential and getting the best out of yourself in business and personally.  "  ~ Michael Argast 

"I didn't have time, energy, or even a single thought of relaxation… I was taking frequent naps during the day to catch up on my energy for the next set of work. I didn't even realize my current habits created a lot of unnecessary stress, lack of quality sleep, and affecting my personal life negatively. I would finish my workday at 1 am or 2 am and completely run out of energy. With the help of Brain Optimization Bootcamp, I achieved a few things in a better way: I gave up my 7-8 cups of coffee per day and swapped that with other healthy brain foods, which help me maintain my energy during work and after work.  I created a new sleep pattern, which helps me obtain good quality sleep and this technique also allows me to spend some time with my 6-year-old twin girls. The most important change for me is gaining huge confidence and changing the way I operate. The Bootcamp is for [those] who are swamped with their schedule, want to know how to build and scale by mastering their brain capacity. If you want to build something great, the foundation is important; this is the foundation." 
Akil Balachandran

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Answers to your top questions.

1) How much time do I need to make this work?

Each week you need about 45 min to 1.5 hours. The teachings translate science into life-changing actions where you learn what to do, how to do it, and when to do it and it’s all delivered in bite-sized video teachings and guided sessions that are 5 to 30 minutes long. 

2) Do I get support with this?

There are two options for enrollment. Option A, which is self-led, and Option B which is with support, personalized feedback, and accountability. With Option B, you can get 60 days of private Q&A online, as soon as you enroll. During the 60 days, you also have 3 fully customized 1-on-1 sessions based on the work you submitted and what we identified as areas of improvement. Note, that when you join with Option B, the 60-day Q&A support starts immediately from the day of your enrollment. So be sure to use it!

3) How do I know if this is a good fit for me?

Unfair Advantage is for you if you are sick and tired of being scattered, overwhelmed, overworked, and on the edge of burnout and you want a process that can help you get into a long-term sustainable lifestyle for both peak performance and better health. This is a good fit for you if you want a step-by-step process that helps you transform into a focused, in control, highly energetic, and highly productive person. If you are committed to seeing change, and you know that you need to take a different approach to see that change and you don’t want to waste years figuring this out. Then Unfair Advantage is totally for you. 

4) Can this work for me if I am a parent, have a health condition, or have many responsibilities?

Optimyzed Brain clients are as diverse as a field of flowers. Unfair Advantage was born to help ambitious and driven professionals to succeed, especially those juggling many different things. I want to give you back time so you can make more time for what’s truly important. Unfair Advantage uses an agnostic process that can work for anyone regardless of their health condition. It has especially been designed for you and it's delivered with efficient lessons that translate cutting-edge science into immediate life-changing actions. It’s designed for busy professionals who want to see the transformation right within the first week of taking action. 

5) How long will it take to see results?

The brain reacts pretty quickly to new lifestyle upgrades. As long as you are willing to take micro-actions and make those upgrades, you will see results within 6 weeks. Unfair Advantage is for action-driven professionals who want transformation and know that their current habits, routine, and lifestyle are not sustainable. So, they have an inner motivation to see change. Overall, it depends on how much effort you put in and how consistent you are. There is no overnight transformation but within the first week of taking action, you can start seeing tangible results and within the six weeks of consistent actions you can see quite a transformation in your performance, productivity, and overall well-being.

6) What is the refund policy?

At Optimyzed Brain, everything is developed with the best intention and highest effort, made for people committed to taking action. Hence, all sales are final. There are a couple of reasons for this. When someone asks about the refund, I have seen them already planning for not doing the work required. I cannot stress enough how no one can do the work for you or take action for you. Those who are committed to making Unfair Advantage work for them diligently implement the recommended actions to see results. 

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