Free Masterclass:
Three Ways You Can Optimize Your Brain
for High Performance 

A masterclass for business leaders that teaches you: 

  • The three areas you can target to optimize your brain for faster and better performance. [it's the secret to gaining back 1-3 hours per day - that's 15 hours a week!]  

  • The three common mistakes executives make that get them stuck in cycles of stress, brain fog, anxiety, and scatteredness. [not only does it cost your well-being but can you imagine how much time you lose?] 

  • A framework that enhances mental clarity and reduces stress, overwhelm, and anxiety. [This technique is powerful for progressing rapidly, whether it be product development, market acquisition, or fundraising.]

  • A technique that helps remove mental blocks and brings forth groundbreaking solutions to your most challenging problems. [This technique is designed to help you perform best in negotiations and manage tough situations or people.] 

  • Five easy-to-implement nutrition hacks to increase your brain’s processing speed, intelligence, and memory. [Aren't these what you need to perform better as a leader of your company?]

  • ...and so much more! 

For those who are so ready to enter the peak performance zone, I will also share with you how Optimyzed Brain can help you see results in less than five weeks.  



I'm Portia Asli, a licenced engineer and the Founder of Optimyzed Brain, which helps entrepreneurs and executives optimize their brains for peak mental performance.
Specifically creating tangible changes in 8 key areas: improvement in quality sleep & energy levels, targeted focus & longer concentration, feeling calmer & more relaxed, and enhanced mental clarity & creativity. 

You may have seen me as a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine on the topic of human performance.  I have been sought out by global brands such as WeWork and Microsoft, and top academic institutions such as the University of Cambridge and the University of Toronto. My "brain optimization for peak mental performance" workshops to thousands of business leaders in Europe, North America and Asia.