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Ready to gain an edge and achieve more by optimizing your mental performance?

see transformative results within 5 weeks even if you are a busy parent, wearing multiple hats, got competition priorities or battling adversity

Join the Waitlist And Get 

The Time Gain Projector 

to help you see how much time you can gain by optimizing your mental performance.  #presents


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This Projector Calculates Your Potential Time Gain In Just a Few Easy Steps!  

How much time could you gain with micro lifestyle and behavioural upgrades (backed by science) to optimize your mental performance?


Follow the easy prompts inside the spreadsheet to determine how much more time you can have to invest in areas that enable you to achieve more and finally get ahead. 


When you grab The Time Gain Projector...

you'll be added to the waitlist for Unfair Advantage,  the science-based action-oriented online mental performance Bootcamp, where you can see tangible sticky results in five weeks through cutting-edge science and evidence-based lifestyle and behavioural upgrades. Doors open (sometime) in September! Being on the waitlist means you'll get early bird pricing access before *everyone* else. 

It's designed for action-oriented leaders like you
to see results like this
without dependency on a magic pill or endless sessions. 



Eliminate brain fog and hidden time wasters 
Increase mental clarity on key priorities and tasks



Increase quality and quantity
Decrease latency and fall asleep faster



Reduce or eliminate chronic stress and anxiety 
Increase feelings of stillness and peace 

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Become more effective in getting things done

Get more efficient in producing better results

Establish a routine for consistent quality results 

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Break dependency on time-wasting habits 
Sustain flow for output-driven results 

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Reduce sluggishness and mental fatigue
Increase alertness and execution speed



Reduce or eliminate mental blocks and stagnation 
Make faster and more effective decisions

Solve problems better and faster



Power up with high-quality brain nutrition 
Shed unwanted weight and gain higher energy


"a big productivity booster helping cut down work time from 80 hours a week to 50 hours - that’s 30 hours gained to invest in other areas of my life. Instead of running after all opportunities, Optimyzed Brain helps founders & executives save years of time."

Deepak Dutt, CEO @ Zighra
2nd-time Tech Entrepreneur with an Exit

Tech Investor & Forbes Tech Council Member  

"Finally broke my vicious cycle and started sleeping 8 hours a night...transformations I experienced through Optimyzed Brain, that helped me effectively create 25% more hours each day."


Crystal Wong Kruger, CEO & Founder @ LIOHAN

former Sales Director @ SOTI   

​Hi! I'm Portia Asli, a licensed engineer in environment & health, a Cambridge MBA and the founder of Optimyzed Brain. 


I have dedicated the last 15 years to uncovering the key scientific discoveries that optimize our brains for peak mental performance. I've translated these cutting-edge scientific findings into easily adoptable life-changing actions. 


Through Optimyzed Brain, I teach these in an online science-based action-driven Bootcamp, allowing driven leaders like you to see long-term brain-related results in performance, health and wellbeing within five weeks. This process is without using a magic pill or needing you to be dependent on endless ongoing sessions. 

Over the last two years, Optimyzed Brain has helped Founders, Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Leaders worldwide - including the USA, Canada, the UK and European countries -  experience a rapid transformation in mental performance. Results are achieved even if they are busy parents, wearing multiple hats, managing competing priorities or diagnosed with a condition. 

Now is your time to power your brain at a cellular level for better health & performance. You’ll become more effective and efficient in achieving your greatest pursuits. You’ll get that competitive edge to make the impossible possible. Together we’ll unlock your greatest potential.

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"I haven’t been the same person since. From feeling overwhelmed with a never-ending to-do list and easily distracted due to a concentration span of 30 minutes, I was able to increase my concentration to 2 and 3 hours. This enabled me to double my productivity."

Anne-Mari Macridis, COO @ FestiVote

Hollywood Actress

"It’s a 180-degree transformation. I’ve lost 20 pounds so far. I went from needing anywhere from 45 minutes to an hour to fall asleep to about 15 minutes. I’m more productive and focused. I feel less stressed when under pressure, and it improved my confidence in accomplishing my goals." 


Steve Rainville, CEO @ CYDEF

former Associate Partner @ IBM

former Senior Lead @ Deloitte 

Ready to Find Out How Much Time You Can Gain With an Optimized Mental Performance? 

Get our Calculator to Find out! 


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