Welcome! I'm Portia Asli, the Founder of Optimyzed Brain.


My mission is to equip entrepreneurial founders with actionable science-based brain optimization techniques to enhance performance, upgrade productivity and accelerate business growth.

My Brain Optimization Journey

My journey in cognitive enhancement started when I was 13 years old. Determined to achieve stellar results in anything I set my mind to, I became obsessed with training myself to enter a state of peak performance. Realizing that achieving big goals was sometimes overshadowed by brain fog, anxiety, decision fatigue, low energy, or stress, propelled me to find the root cause and continuously optimize myself.


Over two decades later, I have learned to optimize my brain at a neuro level by applying techniques from research that have identified the connection between our brain and our lifestyle, a link between the brain and the body, and even the relationship between our brain and the psychology of our mind. By ‘hacking’ my environment, my physiology, and my psyche, I have optimized my brain and took my performance and productivity to unprecedented levels. Something you can do too, with the right training, tools, and techniques.

For the past three years, I have been collaborating with incubators and accelerators to bring ‘growth’ knowledge to hundreds of entrepreneurs every year through my live workshops and advisory sessions. COVID-19 was a motivating force to launch a dedicated online platform for all things related to brain performance that is specifically actionable for entrepreneurs to thrive in their pursuits of business building & scaling.


I want to show entrepreneurs that there is, in fact, an efficient way to achieve your ambitious business goals – a way that doesn’t sacrifice your brain health by skipping meals, losing sleep, or missing out on quality family time as well as time for yourself. By taking a brain-first approach you can indeed build a sustainable and scalable business.

There is a lot of generalized and unspecific information on this out there. But nothing that is immediately actionable for entrepreneurs. While some brain optimization techniques are available to the public, it is usually delivered only in a private clinic setting for top-level executives and high net worth individuals. This makes it not accessible for most entrepreneurs. As an engineer, my goal is to democratize knowledge in brain performance by turning scientific research into applied techniques for entrepreneurs.

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My Business Building Journey

My first experience as a business owner was right out of undergrad when I joined a VC-backed company as an engineer. Within just one year, I was invited to buy equity and became the youngest shareholder of the company. Later on, the company was acquired by WSP Global for $425 MM.

After my first company exit, my passion to create value for society pushed me to dive head-first into creating a series of very different business ventures:

  • Increasing the mobility of visually impaired people by spinning a wearable tech startup out of Cambridge University

  • Promoting eco-initiatives by creating an adventure-based Instagram community and collaborating with global brands in the tourism, hospitality, and fashion industries

  • Teaching middle managers how to standout and get accepted into a global top 15 business school that has a standard admission rate of 1 out of 10 by building a fully operational digital school

  • Supporting the growth of startups and small businesses by collaborating with accelerators, incubators, and innovation hubs at non-profits academic institutions and Fortune 500s by establishing a consulting practice


My diverse business background enables me to understand my client’s difficult business challenges and devise actionable solutions with tangible results in a short period. My unique blend of engineering, brain optimization, and business skills led me to design our flagship program, Brain Optimization Bootcamp, that has received rave reviews from entrepreneurs due to tangible results in just 5 weeks. I have been a sought-after advisor to entrepreneurial founders across multiple business stages (pre-seed, pre-revenue, pre-launch, Angel-backed, VC-backed, bootstrapped, market growth, and exit) and industries (AR/VR, IOT, hardware, mobile, e-commerce, AgriTech, energy, fashion, cybersecurity, fintech, sharing economy, PaaS, SaaS, gaming, digital media, cleantech, insurtech, edtech, real estate tech, AI…).


My Adventure Journey

At the age of 19, I made a very conscious decision: to do things I had never done before, and continuously step out of my comfort zone. The first thing I did? I decided to soar through the skies thanks to an exhilarating hang-gliding experience. And after that?


  • Becoming the first person in my engineering program to get full faculty approval to study abroad at Singapore’s Nanyang Technological University (NTU). Through this approval, I blazed a trail for future students from my engineering program to get valuable international experience at NTU.


  • Self-funding a backpacking trip in Southeast Asia during my undergraduate studies. I had the once-in-a-lifetime chance to marvel at the amazing temples of Angkor Watt, get scuba certified in Malaysia, and experience breathtaking hikes to Indonesia’s volcanoes.


  • Developing fluency in a third language – French – by living with a host-family in Quebec and studying French in the Southwest of France.


  • Working in economic and environmental development in a remote village of Benin, a French speaking country located in Western Africa. Three months with no running water and no internet taught me one of the greatest lessons in my life: to be present.

By the age of 30, I had traveled to more than 30 countries, lived in seven of them, and worked in four continents – Asia, Africa, North America, and Europe. By persistently stepping out of my comfort zone, I have developed mechanisms for taking risks, managing uncertainties, creative problem solving, abstract thinking, planning, and attention. These mechanisms are a core part of my flagship program, Brain Optimization Bootcamp for entrepreneurial founders to make the impossible possible and reach unprecedented heights.

My commitment is to transform the lives of entrepreneurs around the world through OptimyzedBrain.com. If you are an entrepreneur wanting to take your performance, productivity, and business growth to an unprecedented height by optimizing your brain, please reach out by booking a free consultation session.