Brain Performance Optimization for Startup & Scaleup Founders to Achieve Groundbreaking Results Faster 

without overworking, burning out, or sacrificing relationships



What's it like to be a founder with an optimized brain? 


Crystal-clarity of your highest priorities, which in turn drives growth


Upgraded Productivity

to double or triple your outputs in short time


Laser-like focus with superior execution of right performance metrics


Accelerated Performance

by getting 5 to 10 hrs/wk wasted back to invest in high ROI activities


Genius-level creativity for massive transformational innovation and global impact


Enhanced Cognitive Resilience

to unlock exponential growth despite unforeseen adversities

An optimized brain is the difference between a business stalled at $1M ARR and one that grows to $100M+ ARR

"your business performance is directly correlated to your brain performance"

As an entrepreneur, building and scaling your dream business venture can leave you overworked with a never-ending to-do-list, stressed about the future, distracted by overwhelming problems, and exhausted with little energy left for the important things in life. Does that sound familiar?

My name is Portia Asli, the founder of Optimyzed Brain. I want to show you an efficient way of achieving your ambitious business goals faster – by optimizing your brain performance. Through my founder-focused flagship program, Brain Optimization Bootcamp, you’ll get science-based training, tools, and techniques to hack your psychology, physical environment, and physiology to boost your brainpower. With an optimized brain, you’ll accelerate the growth of your business without overworking, burning out, or sacrificing relationships. 

As a serial entrepreneur, Cambridge MBA, and licensed engineer specialized in brain performance optimization, I bring you key actionable neuroscience techniques. These will enable you to feel recharged in the morning, stay highly energized throughout the day, calmer during unforeseen turbulent times, laser-focused on your core business priorities and access ground-breaking creativity whenever you are confronted with challenging problems. Entrepreneurial founders who work with me have one belief in common: when you power your brain, you power your business.

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Curious about what you can gain through the Brain Optimization Bootcamp?

These founders published their experiences on LinkedIn!


From scattered, tired, and12-hour workdays to productive, calm and resilient, by rewiring her brain. As a result, Emily secured funding, United Nations partnership, and expanded her full-time team.


 Emily Craven

Astrophysicist, published author, now Founder of interactive media platform, Story City.  

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"How I went from anxious and scattered to focused and confident in 5 weeks"

 Michael Argast 

Father of three, former TELUS Director turned Co-founder of Angel-backed cybersecurity startup,

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"How I went from disheartened to supercharged within 4 weeks"

Michelle Maryns

Harvard graduate, Founder of pre-seed revenue-generating B2B SaaS AI startup, WeSparkle.Org

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"How my startup went from birth to global expansion within 5 weeks"


Akil Balachandran

Father of twins, former Sun Life financial advisor now Co-founder of bootstrapped fintech startup BlueMind.App

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