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your brain.


your health. 

a consistent high perfomer.

You can have AND be that. 

There’s nothing worse than looking successful from the outside but secretly battling with high work stress, distractions and exhaustion. 


If you are tired of this vicious cycle of procrastination and long nights to achieve those ambitious targets, only to feel more tired and stressed,


And, feel like no matter how much you do, it is never enough... 


Or, you’re tired of trying all sorts of productivity, time management and peak performance habits because you don’t see sustainable change and long-lasting results…


Take a deep breath. I’ve got you. Here’s how: 


The only work performance coaching that focuses on the only thing that matters: improving your brain’s performance  

I’m not your typical peak performance, productivity, or time management coach. In fact, I don’t even consider myself as one. 

Because most of them focus on generalistic advice for only short-term results.  

But they don’t know how or have the experience to address the root cause of WHY you are not productive. WHY you lack time. WHY you don't perform as well as you should.   

Here’s how my approach is different: 

My advice is grounded in brain science to help you address the root cause once and for all to unleash an unmatched elite-level work performance now AND for years to come.

I am a licensed environmental health engineer with brain optimization experience from actually helping ambitious, driven professionals across all walks of life get results and transform. So, I know how to help you, step-by-step.  

Unlike impossible-to-maintain advice that gets you to “peak” performance and then “crash,” I help you become a consistent and Sustainable High Performer using science-based lifestyle, nutritional, and environmental upgrades. 

So, think of me as your go-to brain performance optimization coach.



Everything we do together is based on brain science

There is a lot of performance and productivity advice floating around, most of which is not based on how the brain functions for daily and long-term performance. 

Those sorts of advice make you overwhelmed and cause burnout that deteriorates your mental, emotional, and physical health.

Truth be told, performance and productivity are both driven by the brain. 

Whether you are running your own business or working in a corporation, you are using your brain every single day, either by making decisions, managing time, solving problems, planning, negotiating, analyzing data, or strategizing. 

That is why everything we do together is based on how the brain functions for Sustainable, Consistent High Performance.

When you take the right actions – based on brain science – you’ll see how easily you can focus for a long time, how much faster you get work done, how much more high-quality outputs you produce, and how easily you reach your goals.


Which gives you an Unfair Advantage. 

This is the secret to “working smarter, not harder."

Because not only do you reach those marathon targets effectively and efficiently... 

But you also create the time and space for yourself, your family, and everything else that brings you joy. 


Filling the gap to transform the quality of your health 

When you visit a healthcare professional for help, what do they usually do? 

While they are an expert in their field, rarely would they have the capacity to spend substantial time with you. To identify all the missing pieces across your lifestyle.

(Maybe some bits. But rarely the whole picture.)

You need someone who can help you fill in that gap. To see the things you aren’t seeing. To give you the whole picture.

And help you make sustainable (science-informed) improvements across your lifestyle –  your daily routines, your nutritional choices, your environment, your workstyle and your habits – the very things that power the quality of your health. 

Any driven person can transform.

But you’ve got to be willing to take action and make the changes. (And to be transparent – which I will always be with you – transformations only come from when you take consistent action.) 

But, it can be quite overwhelming to know where to even begin. Or if you’ve been trying and still not getting the results you want, something is missing. 

This is where Optimyzed Brain comes in. 

I turn complex science into simple actions so you can immediately apply them to see change and long-term transformation.

Because the brain is the body's command center, controlling and regulating everything. With an optimized brain performance, the body also experiences a dramatic improvement. 


All my advice is proven by my clients’ results

There are a lot of social media gurus who claim to provide high-performance or productivity or wellbeing advice for virality, shares, likes, and followers. 

In truth, they don’t know how to actually help you. Because they don’t have the in-the-trenches experience of helping real people transform and get results.

There is a big difference between talking and walking.  

This is why people trust Optimyzed Brain. All of my advice is derived from real experience working with clients on a daily basis:

To finally get rid of that brain fog to have more clarity. End that fatigue and exhaustion to have better sleep. Energy. Execution speed. Eliminate chronic work stress and distraction to have targeted focus. Superior concentration to produce quality outputs. And, break free from imposter feelings... to gain an unshakeable confidence.


A holistic and proven brain performance optimization process

Most people waste years trying to enhance their performance by reading books, listening to podcasts, or trying to figure it all out by themselves. Yet time passes by, and they get little to no intended result. 

Distractions and brain fog persist. Imposter feeling grows into a terrifying monster. Procrastination builds up, making them work long hours. Chronic stress manifests in their body. Their sleep continues to suffer. Eventually, it starts costing them their health. 

So, what’s missing? 

Having a holistic, science-based, step-by-step process that targets the one and only driver of performance – your brain.

It’s about having a proven, step-by-step process that includes:


  • how to eliminate chronic work stress

  • how to power the brain with the right nutrition

  • how to get the best sleep while in a demanding role

  • how to transform into a positive emotional state 

  • how to find the right focus amongst competing demands 

  • how to sustain long “Deep Work” concentration 

  • how to improve and maintain high energy levels 

  • how to maintain the “Flow State” for ingenious outputs

  • how to achieve without burning out 

In short, there are a lot of moving pieces that need to come together. What you don’t want is to go through "peak-then-crash" cycles: work crazy hours, sacrifice sleep, stress a ton, and then burn out. 


Rather you want to experience sustainable and consistent high performance. You get good sleep every night, wake up naturally, and feel energized through the day to do productive work, without coffee. That’s how you achieve moonshot targets – effectively and efficiently. 

Plus, personalized feedback because every person is unique. 

What would work for you in your unique circumstances?


This is the knowledge I bring to the table from my 15+ years in corporate and entrepreneurship mental performance. From 19,000 hours in the field of brain optimization. From teaching 1000s of people. And, most of all, from the experience of working with 100s of clients across all walks of life. 

In short, to have a Sustainable, Consistent High Performance, you require a proven, holistic, brain-science-based, step-by-step process with personalized feedback. 


Solutions tailored for ambitious, driven, high-achievers

I specialize in working with high-achieving professionals because it is what I know inside out since I am one myself.


I am an engineer who quickly rose to the ranks to be on the management team of an 8-billion-dollar project by the age of 25. I received an MBA from the University of Cambridge, did 40 hours of work in 20 hours while at Microsoft, and built a few successful businesses along the way. 

I know the challenges that come with being an achiever. 

We LOVE our work. It is where we thrive the most. It is what we love to talk about ALL the time. 

It is our identity.

Most people don’t understand (or can relate to) this inner drive and ambition. 


They tell us, “Don’t aim too high!” or, “You can’t do this!” They say these things because they have not accomplished it themselves. 

But I’m here to tell you (from the experience of overcoming tough adversities, really making impossible dreams a reality and doing the things very few get to do) that,  

“Yes. You can. With an optimized brain.” 

And I’m here to give you the exact step-by-step process, based on brain science and proven by all my clients –  

So that you can achieve all that and much more. 

Here's how you can optimize your brain performance: 


If you are ready to become a High Performer with more energy, laser focus and productive execution, then apply to transform through my brain optimization bootcamp...


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in 6 weeks.

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