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Ready to Achieve More?

I Teach & Coach You to Optimize Your Mental Performance Through Science and Evidence
Based Actions So You Can
 Gain Time & Get Ahead 


Hey, I see you, and I feel you!

You are an ambitious leader working in a fast-paced, high-growth environment.


Time is of the essence. 

You have an insatiable hunger to achieve great heights by permanently breaking free ...


​... from a scattered to gaining a targeted focus.

... from being distracted to sustaining concentration

... from tired, sluggish & exhausted to maintaining higher energy

... from being overwhelmed with work to being in control

... from anxiety about the future to mental clarity on the right path.

... from stressed to calm even when under extreme pressure. 

... from being stuck and indecisive to faster and better problem-solving and decision-making.  

So you can ultimately be efficient and effective in all pursuits without working long hours, sacrificing sleep or losing time with your loved ones. 

​You want the key habits, behaviours and lifestyles to rapidly transform. 

​You just need to be coached in a proven, science-based way to obtain
permanent results

without years of trial and error or
dependency on a magic pill or endless therapy. 


That's the gap that Optimyzed Brain fills. 

​Hi! I'm Portia Asli, a licensed engineer in environment & health, a Cambridge MBA and the founder of Optimyzed Brain. I have dedicated the last 15 years to uncovering the key scientific discoveries that can optimize our brains for peak mental performance. 


I've translated cutting-edge science into easily adoptable life changing actions. Through Optimyzed Brain, I teach & coach these in an online bootcamp, allowing driven leaders like you to see long-term brain-related results in performance, health and wellbeing within five weeks

Over the last two years, Optimyzed Brain has helped Founders, Entrepreneurs, CEOs and Leaders worldwide - including the USA, Canada, the UK and European countries -  experience a rapid transformation in mental performance. Results are achieved even if they are busy parents, wearing multiple hats, managing competing priorities or battling adversity. My wholehearted mission has always been to turn scientific discoveries into inclusive and accessible actions to upgrade your performance despite your adversities. 

Thanks to the success of my Optimyzed Brain clients, I have been personally invited to speak at organizations. around the world. From top academic institutions to non-profits and global brands, I have been able to reach thousands of leaders. To make this knowledge accessible to you, I contribute to Entrepreneur magazine and frequently appear as a guest on podcasts & YouTube shows. 


Now is your time to power up your brain for better health & performance. You’ll become more effective and efficient in achieving your greatest pursuits. You’ll gain that competitive edge to make the impossible possible. Together we’ll unlock your greatest potential.

Ready to Find Out How Much Time You Can Gain With an Optimized Mental Performance? 

Get Our Calculator To Find out! 


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